This is a guest post by Simona Frumen, who is taking part in our online Blogging Mums Club Conference next week. The topic of her talk is “Conversations with SEO experts” which will be run on Monday 30th September at 2pm. Click the link above to get your free ticket for this event.

You’ve done the research. You know your niche and you’ve written a fabulous blog.  Now, all of a sudden a SEO expert is trying to convince you to do it differently. 

Those unsolicited advice-like conversations make you feel bullied and confused.

How can we, as small business owners, be fully heard in our daily conversations?

How can we set and keep the boundaries and still remain kind?

What can we do to do to ensure that our collaborators and partners are trustworthy from the outset?

The answers to these questions will protect your Blogging Business and help you to start enjoying your work partnerships and collaborations again.. This stuff saves time and worry.

I’m passionate about teaching people how to better understand both our impact and how others impact us, honestly.

We all want to create situations where everyone expands, grows and learns in a joyful and easy way. 

However in reality, where there are people working together, there are inevitably frictions. It is normal that people have non-identical ideas, values, expectations.  

Does this mean that every collaboration needs to be stressful and end up in a conflict? 


Do we as individuals have the strength to change that friction into smoothness?


You have hidden strength that can turn that friction into collaboration. You can use this potential or leave it untouched. The decision is yours.

Simona Frumen

I’m helping my clients discover their inner potential and strength because these qualities are what will get you over the line with your goals, needs and expectations. 

When they become aware of their collaboration potential, they become more comfortable leading constructive conversations. Fear can fall away. 

Some come to me when they’re about to enter a new work relationship. They learn how to notice, exactly, if they’re a good fit and how they can learn to establish their own ways to bring appropriate honesty to light. This results in a clear start to collaboration with a person who is a good fit.

Others come to me to learn how they can see disagreements as opportunities to prevent the escalation of disagreement into conflict. We all know too well how damaging conflict can be in business. 

Some clients seek my help when their relationship has passed the relatively easy territory of standard disagreement and crossed into conflict. – and they are in stress. 

If both parties agree to mediation, I help them as a neutral mediator. Otherwise, I find it to be effective, even if I only help one client, with conflict coaching. Good leadership often only takes one leader to set the best example. I empower with the useful tools so they can independently lead those conversations in a constructive way.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve seen hundreds of cases of collaborations fail. As a lawyer and a mediator, I’ve witnessed these troubles in court disputes and in the meditation process.

It doesn’t take as much as you might imagine to learn how to communicate successfully. You can learn how to express yourself in an authentic and constructive way, despite having different opinions. I see opportunity in conflict and I help others to see this too.

I train groups and individuals across all public and private sectors of business.

Siman Frument talks at the Blogging Mums Club conference

At The Blogging Mums Club Conference, I’ll talk more about the conversations I’ve had with SEO experts, and how I deal with their demands.

Join Me to Find Out what bloggers can do to be confidently talking with SEO experts who

* want sponsored posts with DO FOLLOW links 

* expect constant promotions and yet don’t want to pay you what you are worth

You will discover the 3 keys that will help you become, and stay, confident in such conversations with SEO experts, so you will be treated with respect and paid fairly.

Let’s Talk About:

  • the legal framework and how to set it up on your blog, so you don’t have to go into the legal jargon yourself
  • due diligence and how to do it before you write a single line of your blog and
  • how to set and keep the boundaries in such a difficult conversation.

You will also get invited to share your issues and I’ll help you to protect your blogging business by creating watertight terms and conditions.

With this knowledge you will save yourself a lot of stress and precious time, so you can focus on what you love most: spending time with your loved ones and writing blogs only for those who pay you fairly.

I’m looking forward to seeing you online at the Conference. Please click here to get your free ticket, then select my session as one of the ones you want to listen to.

Alternatively, you can find me at, on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram

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