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This course is for bloggers, to help you find your blog theme and voice, or for anyone who wants to journal around the theme of why you are here and what your purpose is on this earth. If nothing else, if you follow along for thirty days you cannot help but be uplifted.

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The Power of One

Prepare for Impact

Most of our lives we move around on autopilot, not knowing from moment to moment the impact we have on others. Did we say thank you to the barista when we grabbed our morning brew? Most of the time we simply aren’t conscious of the impression we are making.

Becoming aware of our contributions to others is an important step in learning to maximise our impact, and to make doing great things possible no matter where we are.

Let’s take a look in more detail at some ways we may already be making an impact that we haven’t considered. 

Influencing Others – People are always observing our behaviour and listening to what we have to say. We are influencing those around us in ways we may not have considered. Your encouragement and positive comments can make an impact on the lives of the people in our sphere of influence.

You probably already realise that you are influencing your children – how quickly do they pick up on it if you utter a naughty word or two? – but maybe you don’t consider the continuous impact you have on every human you come into contact with.

Being Of Service – Doing things for others is part of being a member of a  family or a community, but we may not realise how much our acts of service make an impact on others’ lives. Helping someone in a time of need, or being a dependable person that others can count on is not only admirable – it builds trust and boosts self-esteem for those we serve.

Providing Solutions – Are you the “source of all knowledge” in your family or business? Do you love solving problems, and finding a way through when things seem stuck? As a problem-solver, you can be a great resource to those who feel stuck in a situation.

Creating A Safe Place – Are you a comforter or nurturer by nature? Are you able to be the calm in the eye in the storm? Creating a safe place for people when they are feeling out of sorts is an important way to help others. Having someone trustworthy to lean on in a time of need makes an unsurpassed impact on a person’s wellbeing.

Sometimes all that someone needs is a smile, a hug, a cup of tea…

These are only a few of the ways that we can make an impact. There are countless others to discover, and there is a great way to find out how you make your best impact doing things that come naturally: journaling.

Journal your activities for two weeks and keep track of the ways you are making an impact on the people in your life. Pay close attention to your habits. Watch for the evidence of your impact. Did you notice someone smile back at you today? Did you intervene when someone was being rude to the shop assistant? What activities do you participate in weekly, and how much does your presence contribute to their success?

Your valuable contributions to the world around you are undeniable. You sometimes may not notice the influence you have, because you are so focused on living your life.

Nonetheless, you are making an impact each and every day. With some deliberate intent, you can become aware of your impact and learn to recognise its value.

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