Update – after writing this review in 2019, I visited Teatulia several more times and it was always amazing. Sadly the tea bar had to close in early 2020 due to the pandemic, but I am keeping this review up, as I am hoping that Teatulia will open another tea bar when the time is right and I will be the first to tell you about it. In the meantime, you can buy lots of lovely tea from teatulia.com

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Teatulia tea bar in Covent Garden with my daughter. We are both very fond of tea and cake, and so we certainly did not have to be asked twice to come and try out their afternoon tea offering.


Teatulia styles itself as a tea bar, because as well as offering a wide selection of teas, it also offers alcoholic drinks, cocktails and mocktails and a wonderful selection of snacks.

As such it’s a great place to meet up with friends, whether you are after a boozy occasion, a serious meeting, or something in between.

The bar is quite small, cosy and intimate – great for a small gathering of up to four people I would say, and especially good for meeting up with one special person.

For us it was something in between – my daughter is too young to drink (though she won’t thank me for telling you that!) and we were heading on afterwards to a lecture that she wanted to see for her A-level studies. So we both needed to concentrate a bit, and therefore we chose the boozeless afternoon tea option which costs £30 for two people.

This option offers each person two mocktails plus two cakes each. We each chose to replace one of our mocktails with tea, and we shared the four different cakes between us.

We were both absolutely delighted with our selections and found all of the food and drink on offer delicious. Here’s what we had

Firstly the cakes. At the top of the photo a chocolate and hazelnut croissant, which was huge, beautifully fresh and absolutely yummy.

Bottom left, a lemon and poppy seed muffin – again just gorgeous with a lovely lemon filling

In the middle the vegan chocolate brownie. My daughter really loved this. I’m not vegan and probably prefer my chocolate cakes to have a small dairy content, but in the context of an offering for vegans, it was pretty good.

And finally, bottom right of our photo the green G&Tea, tea infused sponge. This was my absolute favourite. the sponge was really moist with a flavour of tea and gin (I didn’t realise they mixed so well!) and just the perfect amount of icing on the top. This cake (and my mocktail) made the afternoon for me

Next , the tea. All the tea served in Teatulia is grown by the company itself in Bangladesh. It is all certified organic and fairtrade.

My daughter chose the Masala cha which was served with a lovely star anise floating in it. she really enjoyed it. Spiced tea is not normally my thing but I really enjoyed it too and would definitely consider it during the festive season. It can also be served infused with a shot of whiskey, which sounds delicious!

I chose a simple green tea. I really loved how it was served with a timer, so you could steep it for exactly the right amount of time. And yes, it was infinitely superior to green tea made with a tea bag which I normally drink at home…

And finally the mocktails:

I had a Passion Fruit Marinin, with green tea. Passion fruit, pineapple and lime. I love the presentation of this with the floating flower, and it tasted amazing too.

My daughter picked the Lemongrass Mojito – Apple Juice, Lemongrass tea, soda and lime, decorated with fresh mint and lemongrass. This would have been my second choice, and it certainly lived up to its billing

Taking all of the food and drink offerings together and taking into consideration the fact we were in central London, I think this is a bargain for £30. The tea and mocktails were superb – the cakes clearly homemade, totally yummy and very filling.

The whole atmosphere of the place is lovely and relaxing too – the staff are attentive but not in your face and there are sofas and a carefully curated bookshelf you can browse from as well.

Since our visit, my daughter has already been back once or twice and feels that she has found a base for when she is in London, and a great place to introduce her friends to. I don’t get the opportunity to be in London so often, but when I do I will definitely be back – this is exactly my type of place.

We have also purchased some of their loose tea for consumption at home – you can see what is on offer in the Teatulia Shop The packaging is lovely, and if you know someone who likes tea, then there are some great gift options here.

So in conclusion, I’m really pleased I was given the opportunity to get to know Teatulia and I will definitely be visiting again.

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