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Have you heard of Brushette eco-friendly toothbrush heads yet? If not, I’m sure you will very soon. They have solved one of the typical first-world problems that many of us face.

Dentists say that an electric toothbrush is much better and healthier for us than a manual one. However the heads are made of plastic and non-recyclable so maybe a bamboo brush is better for the environment? What to do for the best?


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I don’t know about you, but I found that using an electric toothbrush with my children made their brushing so much easier and more effective. They were better able to use the toothbrush themselves, they found it more fun, and once we made the switch, our family dentist was much happier with both of them.

I also love the feel of an electric toothbrush myself – I feel I can get into the crevices better and my teeth always feel better and fresher when I use it.

But I’m well aware that the Oral B toothbrush heads that I throw out religiously every three months, form part of the plastic waste that accumulates everywhere. I calculated that if my husband and I had a toothbrush every 3 months since we turned 18 and my children had one every 3 months since they turned 1, that’s nearly 400 toothbrushes or toothbrush heads that are all still in existence in a waste pile somewhere.

So with all the other efforts that I am making to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption, should I be moving to a sustainable toothbrush, even though it’s not so good for my dental health? Tough one to call.

Step in Brushette

This is a truly genius idea. Brushette have redesigned the traditional Oral-B brush head. Instead of it being a one-piece unit that you have to throw away each time you change, they have designed a neck that you keep forever, with only the little tiny heads that need to be changed over.

Brushette ecofriendly toothbrush head

Not only that, but they have developed the heads with plastics that can be melted down and recycled. So when your heads are finished with, you can send them back to Brushette to have them recycled and the ingredients reused.

So now you can use your electric toothbrush without wasting plastic.

Brilliant idea!

Brushette ecofriendly toothbrush head

So is it any good?

Needless to say, before writing this review I had to give this a try. I purchased the starter kit, consisting of a neck and two of the most popular brush heads. Then I purchased two additional neck adapters for my children, and the daily brush refill pack, containing a selection of different brush heads.

The neck adapters are very easy to fit, just the same as a normal Oral-B head. I like the fact that they come in 3 different colours, as we no longer have the capacity to put the coloured bands on the bottom of our toothbrush heads to tell the individual toothbrushes apart.

I would like to see more colours of the neck adapters – right now my husband persists in using a manual brush but if he changed to electric we would have to figure something out to distinguish them.

The brush heads click on easily too and then there is a nice little switch to loosen them. They feel a bit wobbly, but that is normal because that helps them vibrate nicely when the power is turned on.

Brushette ecofriendly toothbrush head kit

My children (big kids) loved them, even the cute little tetrahedron pack that the brush heads come in. According to Brushette this is a sanitary protection

Our brush heads are sealed in food-grade nitrogen sanitized packets that keep them fresh from factory creation, to bathroom unwrapping.

Altogether there are 12 different brush heads available on the site. I find all the -ette names a little bit clunky and daft, but at the end of the day, the different brushes do a good job, so who really cares what they are called?

The daily refill pack that we purchased had four kinds of heads:

Having used all four types, I have to say that the one I prefer is the Complette – which seems to reach into the crevices better than any of the other four. I was rather sad to see that you only get 1 Complette in the multi-pack , and I hope that the company will consider some different multi-packs as they develop.

The Cleanette is fine, but quite basic and soft – its what I would think of as a sensitive teeth brush.  The Deliquette I find a bit too soft and gentle – not what I am used to using at all.  My teenagers grabbed the two Charquette heads that came in the pack for whitening before I could get my hands on them, so I only have their word for it that they are doing a good job, but I will definitely be getting some more Charquettes next time we order.

Will you save money?

If you look all over the website, Brushette seem to imply that their heads are ridiculously cheap, and so you will save huge amounts of money by buying them. They also suggest that with this monster saving, maybe you can use more than one type in your weekly routine, so having lots of different types of brushes on the go at one time.

This is one area where I’m afraid I don’t agree. The basic brush heads are 2 euros each – in the multipack they are 1 euro each, but as I said above, the current multipack contains only one of the brush that I actually want to use.

The money-saving claims that the company makes, are based on people normally paying £10 for an Oral B brush head, but I’m not sure where they got that figure from. I’m sure if you are a mum who buys OralB heads for the entire family, you will be buying multipacks from a supermarket.

I typically pay £2.75 per head from Ocado, buying either a 4 pack or an 8 pack, whichever is on the best offer. And I recently bought a pack of Oral-B lookalikes from Amazon at £7.99 for 12, which are almost as good as the real thing.

So no, honestly and truly you won’t save much money by doing this, whatever Brushette tries to say. So for the moment, while I am paying 2 euros each for a head (minus my MTB discount!) , I will be sticking to one type of head and keeping it for three months, as currently.

I hope that they will introduce a multipack with different options in, that you can get for 1 euro each, but we will have to wait and see. At the moment, you can get the individual heads for 2 euros each, and then save 10% on that by adding the code MUMSTHEBOSS at the checkout.

You will however, help to save the planet, and that in my books is definitely a good thing. Brushette will help you reduce the amount of plastic you chuck away but still maintain good teeth and gums for you and the whole family.

So overall it’s thumbs up from me to the Brushette concept, and I will definitely be continuing to use them


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