This is part 15 in a 30-day series of articles entitled The Power of One – Making an Intentional Impact.

How are you currently making an impact, and how can you make your light shine brighter?

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The Power of One

If you are trying to develop lean muscle, the best way is to start with very small weights and repeat the lifting movements regularly and consistently over time. By starting small , building slowly and being consistent you can see results fast without pain, strain or feeling like you want to give up.

These small muscle movements, repeated over time, create muscles that aren’t bulky but have strength and beauty all their own.

In the same way, our consistent actions in the wider world add up to big changes over time. Doing small things regularly will yield big results for the people we help and also for ourselves .

The good news is, small things are easy to accomplish and take very little time or commitment. Some even require zero forethought and work hand-in-hand with what you already do every day.

Here are four types of action where consistency yields rewards

Kindness – Make a gesture of love towards your spouse every day in front of your children. Make sure you say please and thank you when people serve you too. These small acts of kindness and affection will make an impact when they are making decisions about their own relationships. Your small daily examples of how to love and be loved is an illustration of how easy it is to help shape the next generation through our actions.

You know one of the things I love most when somebody does it for me? I love it when somebody makes me a cup of tea or coffee, whether that is in the workplace or when my husband or one of my children makes me tea at home. It’s the first thing I do for any house guests too. It’s such a simple gesture, making a hot drink, but it can be really appreciated

Helpfulness – Find one thing that comes easily to you that is helpful to someone else. Do that one thing over and over until its influence is undeniable. In the office, you could bring in inexpensive flowers every week and make a beautiful statement. People will start to see you as the bringer of happiness and remember the impact you made in their work environment.

I took my daughter to the station the other day to catch her regular train to school. On this day the trains were in a bad way – her train was cancelled and there wasn’t another one for an hour. There were lots af angry , worried and frustrated people outside the station.

I had to take her to school in the car – maybe a 25- minute journey. As she got back into the car, I called out to the people standing around and asked if any of them needed to go to where her school was. I filled the three back seats with random commuters who were stuck. We had lovely concverasations and it also felt really good to help them

Thoughtfulness – Pay attention to people. Remember their birthdays and small things about them. Discover what they love. Small things that don’t cost much, but make an impact on their mood.

Knowing someone’s favourite coffee shop, candy bar, or sushi restaurant always comes in handy. Being able to give them a gift certificate or invite them on a date makes a big impression when the offer includes their favourite things. Paying attention to the likes and desires of others makes thoughtfulness easy, and is very effective in making an impact.

Giving – Try saving your small change in a jar at the end of each day. In a year’s time, you can have enough money on hand to make a donation to your favourite charity or organisation. Recruit your family or office to participate and multiply the fun. The small and consistent act of tossing your change into a bucket can yield big results.

It may seem odd that you can make a difference by doing these little things that feel like they should come naturally. The truth is, everyone isn’t always kind, helpful, thoughtful, or generous. Flexing those muscles routinely will build a “lean and beautiful” image of your character to influence those in your everyday life.  YOu will find that people like you more and you may also find that you are more happy and fulfilled in your life too

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