Being a mum gives you the privilege of experiencing a life from its very beginning. Especially in the first years, there are so many changes a child goes through. If you compare pictures of a child’s face with a year’s difference in photos, you get a close-up of nature’s most wonderful miracle. Even on a less philosophical level, children are the subject of a great number of our photos. But how do you make sure these photos get a real chance to shine and aren’t just forgotten somewhere on a hard drive or mobile phone? One of my favourite ways to do this is by creating a family photo book every now and then.

Why a family photo book?

Of course, I could order prints or even a nice wall decoration, but a photo book gives me a chance to tell a story. There is so much more creative freedom and possibility. Among the most popular types of photo books are baby photo books and family yearbooks. Of course, the topics are quite different, but they both cover a certain period of time in my family’s life. A wall decoration could never achieve the same effect and neither can a simple collection of prints. Each has their own advantages, though.

So when it comes to family photos, there’s a clear difference between a snapshot and a story. A family portrait, for example, is perfect for a wall decoration or a print. But as soon as you want to tell a story, for example of your last holiday as a family, the past year and its special moments, or the first year of your baby’s life, a photo book is perfect for the task at hand.

What to consider?

I find that having a theme makes a photo book so much more beautiful. I don’t mean a theme in terms of nice backgrounds but rather in terms of the topic. A family photo book about the past year is a great topic. It already suggests a certain order and you can easily put together a storyline. The same applies to a baby’s first year: You start with the day your baby is born and work your way through the photo book until the little one’s first birthday party.

What do you need?

Obviously, you need lots of pictures. Often, this can be the most challenging part in creating a photo book. With so many photos in so many places, it can take a while to get organised. It really helps to get all the photos together in one place and then create a folder for the photos you want to use. That way, once you get to the point of designing the photo book, all you have to do is upload the folder with the photos.

How do you start?

It’s a good idea to look at several companies who provide this service to compare and contrast their styles and what they offer. If you’re looking for quality photo books in the UK, keep an open mind about your options and compare them. Many companies offer photo books specifically designed for the theme of “family”, so that’s a good place to start.

Once you’ve chosen a photo book, things get really interesting. The many brands in the UK offer quite similar software tools for designing the photo book. You get a lot of choice in terms of backgrounds, layouts, and decorations. So this is where you can get creative and try out a few things. It’s helpful to keep in mind, though, that less is more in many cases. While a collage every now and then is nice, if you use this layout on every single page, things might get overcrowded and seem chaotic. I love to choose some special photos for a full page spread. This is also how you can really showcase those family portraits or the photos you had done by a professional photographer.

Another great thing about family photo books is that you can tell your story in both pictures and words. This really helps to keep those memories alive and remind you of the story behind the photograph. Because memories might fade, but the pictures and words in your photo books will keep them vibrant.


Every now and then, a family photo book is a fantastic choice and much more expressive than prints. Of course, there’s no need to create a family photo book every month – that would be overdoing it. But certain periods of time, such as a year or a decade, can make for excellent photo book themes. It really is nice to take some time every now and then to look back on the past and reminisce. I think especially family and baby photo books are wonderful reminders of how quickly time passes and what sort of wonderful things we’ve experienced. It reminds you of what you can be thankful for in life. They also make great gifts for grandparents, especially if they live far away and don’t see the children so often.

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