The days are getting darker and colder. Your garden space is being used less and less. You look out the window on a rainy day and wish it was summer again, or at least wish that it was a warm(ish) day where you could enjoy being outside with your little ones. I feel you – both the kids and I share a love for the garden.

However, just because it’s colder and darker, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your garden. Your outdoor area is as important during autumn and winter as it is during spring and summer, so show it some love and give it an uplift.

Add a modern pergola

Modern pergolas, like these retractable roofs in Ireland from Designer Shades, are a great way to enjoy your garden space no matter the weather. These modern pergolas feature a retractable and tilting roof that can easily close if it starts to rain, open if the weather is nice or simply tilt to give some shade during those warm, sunny days. I can just imagine one of these on my patio… oh, how much would I use it.

I’ve always liked the thought of a gazebo or a pergola in my garden, but it has always been just that, a thought. With these modern alternatives, I could have both function and a decorative element in my garden.

Plus, as Fashion Mommy says, “Traditional and modern pergolas will look incredible in any garden space. These offer privacy, add value to your property and can add definition to your outdoor area.” What do you think of these pergolas?

Tidy garden, tidy mind

Even though tidying up your garden won’t add anything new, it will definitely give it a fresh, new look. From picking up fallen leaves and pulling weeds to fixing your broken garden fence or giving a new coat of paint to your garden shed.

You can even get your children involved with doing this. Picking up or raking leaves in particular can be fun, and stomping around the garden in a raincoat and wellies is definitely a change from sitting indoors when the weather isn’t great, and even better, it’s free!

When they get fed up and cold you can always get back inside and warm them up with some hot chocolate and crumpets -that was always my favourite growing up!

Upgrade your outbuildings

Sadly my garden is not quite as grand as the ones illustrated above, but we still had possibilities for improvement. We had a grotty old shed at the end of the garden that needed some work. We replaced the roof with clear sheeting and turned it into a small home gym

Welcome wildlife

This article on Midwife and Life recommends installing bird feeders around your garden to attract and welcome wildlife. “Not only will this give you an opportunity to observe the wonders of nature and learn more about different species of birds but it will also help parent birds feed their chicks.”

Light it up

Make your garden space shine and feel extra cosy all-year-round by installing some warm lighting. I personally love the look of outdoors fairy lights, they make any garden look magical!

What are your favourite ways to give your garden an upgrade?

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