Do you find yourself eating the same boring and bland foods week in and week out? Perhaps you don’t know how to add certain spices and flavours to your foods. Enhancing the flavour of your food is important if you want to enjoy what you are eating. We’ve listed a few simple ways to add more flavour to your favourite foods.

Herbs and Spices

If you are not adding spices or fresh herbs to your meals, this should be your first step to adding more flavour to your foods. If your spice cabinet is in need of some new ingredients head to your local supermarket and stock up on at least all of the essentials. My favourite herbs are Mixed Herbs or Herbes de Provence, basil, sage, oregano and fennel seeds. Dried herbs are fine, but fresh herbs have more flavour, although they don’t last as long, so only buy what you need.

You may even consider growing a small selection of herb plants on your kitchen window sill so you have them all throughout the year readily available.

Add Zest

A touch of acidity like citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges are a great way to add a tangy flavour to meals. Citrus aromas go well with cooked meats and fish and can add zing to a sauce. I like to serve a wedge of lemon on the plate with some meals so people can season their own food to taste.

A Pinch of Cheese

The creaminess yet saltiness of certain cheeses can bring in those flavours without added salt or heavy creams. There are a variety of cheeses all offering different elements. Try adding aged cheeses for a saltier taste or mild cheeses for an added creaminess. I love a bit of cheese melted into a vegetable soup – it gives a creamy texture as well as improving the flavour.

A Touch of Sweet

Sometimes the meats that you prepare just need a glaze or marinade to enhance the flavour. Pepper jelly, barbeque sauce, or homemade marinades with different ingredients can do just the trick. Plus if it’s grilling season, a simple char on those meats after applying the glaze can be the perfect touch. 

Add Sauteed Aromatics

Onions, garlic, shallots, and spring onions (scallions) can add a delicious taste to a majority of foods. These can all be sauteed prior to cooking your main ingredient and leave with you a tasty end result. If you chop onions up finely they almost disappear when you cook them, so you get the enhanced flavour without anybody objecting that ‘they don’t like onions’ (mum tip!)

Make it Crunchy

Items that have an added crunchy exterior make food all the more delicious. If you are making tender meats be sure to obtain a hard sear or if you are making foods with a starchy coating such as breaded chicken ensure you pan fry the exterior until it is crispy and golden.

There’s no secret on how to make a meal delicious. It takes practice and sometimes a special talent. But with a few of these tips, you are sure to cook a better meal with enhanced flavours that will have everyone asking for seconds.

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