If you feel like people aren’t paying as much attention to you on social media as they used to, then maybe it’s time to update your branding and help yourself to stand out more.

A couple of years ago, Mum’s the Boss was really making a splash on Pinterest I started posting pins of my existing blogs, then once I found the blogs that were popular I wrote more posts to fit that template and boom!!! Things went a bit mad for a while.

Then I had to take a bit of a break from the blog for a while as other things took over, and of course without a fresh supply of social media posts, people stopped paying attention and they stopped coming.

When I came back to it this year, I tried the same formula again, posting pins that would have soared before, but it seems Pinterest and other social media channels have moved on a bit.

So I made the decision to have a little look at my branding, maybe look at my brand colours, fonts and maybe revisit the strapline, to make sure that all my communications had a uniform look and feel. When you’ve been blogging for a while like i have, it doesn’t hurt to update your branding now and again, as things can look a bit dated after a while. It’s sad to think that ‘dated’ in the technological world means 2-3 years old or more, but that’s how it is and we have to keep up with the trends.

Branding your blog and finding your niche

Blog branding is slightly different from promoting a business. As you start to write and you see what people are responding to, it may be that your niche changes a bit and maybe it isn’t exactly what you anticipated.

When I started Mum’s the Boss, I had children who were in the early stages of primary school, and the blog was all about working from home and starting a business with the time you have when children are at school. I covered parenting tips as well as time management and business tips – all about “having it all“.

In the last 10 years though I have had some interesting times in my own life. There have been bereavements, redundancy, serious mental health issues, big stress, a global pandemic and a whole lot of other stuff in my family alone. During this time, I’ve realised that half of the job of the stay at home mum, whether she is working or not, is to juggle a whole lot of random bits, stay as sane as possible and keep her head above water, in order to hold the family together.

It seems I’m not alone in this – I’ve found recently that my readers respond just as well if not better to healthy eating posts as well as self-care tips, such as journaling, yoga and positive thinking. They don’t necessarily need business tips, but they want to find that space somewhere in between Mum and Boss, where they can truly be themselves.

Things have shifted, for me and my readers (or maybe I just discovered what they do actually want to read!), and I think that is a good reason to have a good look at my branding and see if I feel it is still saying the right things to the right people.

What exactly is your brand?

Branding experts will go into much more detail than me, but essentially your brand is something that identifies your business, and sets you apart from others in the same area. If you think of your favourite food, consumer goods and clothing brands for instance, you can probably think of their names, their logos, the colours they use, their overall style – all of these things go together to give you a ‘feeling’ about the brand. The brands you choose say something about you and make you feel good.

When you come to look at your own brand and the message you are conveying it’s the same thing. The colours you use can say something about your business. Also the logos and fonts you use – serious, professional, traditional, modern, fun, friendly, childlike? What adjectives would you use to describe your business and how do you want people to think of you?

Your brand essence also comes across in the way you write, both on your blog on social media and in emails to potential customers. It comes across in the way you present yourself if you include video content or do face to face stuff, and it is also expressed by the types of social media you use. If I saw a business was mainly on Facebook and Pinterest, I would think differently about it than one which was only on LinkedIn, and another business based on Instagram or TikTok is giving a different image again. Which one are you?

So here, based on my experience, are some ideas of things that you should look at if you want to refresh or update your branding.

Update your Brand Fonts

I inherited some font ideas with the original Mum’s the Boss logo back in 2012

A nice friendly script font for Mum, followed by some blog capitals for THE BOSS. For me, this pairing shows the dual friendly/homely yet professional image that epitomises the mum running a business from home. I like the way these fonts go together but there is always room for a bit of a freshen up.

There are lots of popular fonts available to use on the main graphics packages and loaded onto your computer but it’s also easy to find a font that is original and different. You can buy handwriting style fonts very easily and then pair them with plainer text fonts to make your own signature style. I love searching for fun new fonts to jazz up my social media posts, particularly on Pinterest (see the pin at the bottom of this article).

Update your Brand Colours

I’ve had several colour updates since taking over this logo back in 2012. I was never a fan of the burgundy and replaced it very quickly with a brighter fuchsia pink shade.

This time around, I’ve kept the fuchsia as a highlight shade and one I sometimes use for text, but I have also picked some slightly more subtle, springlike colours to go with it. I’m hoping this says fresh, gentle and nurturing.

What do you think?

If you fancy an update to your colours you can find colour palettes very easily on Pinterest And then you can use a piece of software like Canva to design logos, social media headings and posts using your new colour scheme. If you have the pro version of Canva, you can also upload a photo and ask Canva to extract a colour palette from it.

Refresh your Strapline

Not every business or blog needs to have a strapline or slogan, but sometimes it can be useful just to explain to people exactly what you do. Mum’s the Boss could mean all kinds of things – the name lends itself to various topics and niches. So personally I think it’s a good idea to have a strapline.

As you will see from the logo above, my original strapline was Supporting Mums in Business, but I’m not sure that is what I write about most now. My updated strapline is Finding the ‘U’ in Mum – which I think is much more the essence of what I am about. There are still some business and productivity tips (like this post!) but they are aimed at making your life easier so you have more time for the fun stuff.

So here is my new logo, with some of my new colours and fonts, a softer, gentler feel and the new strapline. I’d love to know what you think of it.

So that’s how I went about upgrading the visible part of my brand, as for the way I write and communicate, and my social media style, that is evolving too. But I think that is a topic for another post, or maybe even more than one…

Have you thought about doing a brand makeover or have you actually done one? I’d love to hear your experiences and how it worked out for you.

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