If I’ve had a long, hectic day, my favourite thing to de-stress is to sit outside in my lovely garden and enjoy some peace and quiet, no matter rain or shine. Sometimes with a cup of tea, sometimes with a book, sometimes just me. There is something quite special about sitting outside in my little piece of heaven, just breathing in fresh air watching the water cascade into the pond and listening to the birds chirping.

The last thing I want during my “me-time” is for my neighbours to be looking in from their windows and checking what I’m doing or not doing. It’s my relaxing time, so I want to have privacy. As this article on the Spruce says, “In rural areas, privacy in your yard is often taken for granted. But residents of more densely populated areas might consider it a hard-to-attain luxury.”

I wish I was living in the middle of nowhere to have this luxury. However, I might actually not need to be living in a rural area to enjoy my outdoor area without worrying about prying eyes. Here are a few solutions that will increase garden privacy in any outdoor space – no matter if you live in a cul-de-sac or in the heart of a busy city.

Garden privacy

Add a garden fence

Not just any garden fence. Go for a good, tall, sturdy garden fence that will adorn your outdoor space for many years to come. A good garden fence will not only increase privacy in your garden but will also offer safety to your home. Speedy Fixings recommend fence post shoes to add support and stability to any wooden post of your garden fence. These post shoes or post supports will also protect wooden posts from water damage, fungal damage and insect damage.

Becky from Baby Budgeting also mentions that you can “even add a wall of hedges along your fence for added privacy.” If your fence isn’t tall enough and you don’t have enough greenery in your outdoor space, adding a wall of hedges along your fence will be a great solution!

Create a secluded area

“If you don’t want to work on making your entire garden a private paradise, take one corner and transform it into a secluded getaway.” recommends Better Homes & Gardens. I love this idea! How to do this? There are plenty of ways! From carefully planting trees to form a secluded getaway to transforming your garden shed into a luxurious outdoor room.

Plant tall and short trees

Play around with different tree sizes to get different levels of privacy in your garden. As Karen from Really Missing Sleep explains, “If you were to plant smaller trees closer to the edge of your garden, those who live nearby would still be able to look into your garden as it would be completely open.” So, instead, plant tall trees and edging plants on the boundary of your property to close off the view to your property from the road.

Smaller trees can be planted closer to areas where you want more privacy. Want more privacy near your outdoor dining space? Plant smaller trees near this area. This will create a sheltered space away from view. Plus, it will also give you natural shade – something you will definitely enjoy during the warm, sunny summer days!

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