Here we are, mid-June and the rainy days are outnumbering the sunny ones (and Wimbledon hasn’t even started yet!) So sometimes, all your plans for fun outdoor play have to fgo out of the window and it’s good to have a suitable indoor alternative stashed away to use at short notice.

No matter what age your children are, baking together is always a great solution! Some of my best memories growing up include being in the kitchen with my mum making biscuits and fairy cakes, getting flour everywhere and wearing an overall that was bigger than me. It was probably more fun for me than it was for them with all the cleaning up… but I can’t tell you how much I cherish those memories!

Today, I’ve partnered up with Pantry House, fine foods delivered, to share with you some of the best baking kits that both you and your kids will love! From cookies mixes to gingerbread making kits and even gluten-free pizza flour mixes, these will have everyone asking for seconds!

As Jaime from The Oliver’s Madhouse, explains, Pantry House is a “family run business that takes all the leg work out of finding premium quality snacks and bakery goods that are super tasty.” They have thousands of products available, from vegan to gluten-free goodies, ready to be delivered to your door.

Colourful and delicious cookies that will brighten anyone’s day. All you need is to add an egg and some soft butter to the mix. Combine everything together, create small cookie dough balls and bake them! Sounds like the perfect activity for a Sunday afternoon!

Katie Bakes Gingerbread Man Baking Kit

Who doesn’t love some gingerbread biscuits? I usually make them with my little ones during Christmas but why only leave these delicious biscuits for the holidays? This gingerbread man baking kit comes with everything you need, including cutter, icing, decorations and wooden spoon.

Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies has tried this kit and loved it, saying “The gingerbread man baking gift box went down a treat in our household. Not only does it look amazing and has everything you need (just add butter and golden syrup) but the little ones can get really involved.”

Superfood Bakery Organic Brownie Mix

These chocolatey, gooey brownies will be the perfect tasty treat to make with your kids for any occasion. Birthday? Brownies. Graduating from school? Brownies. Honestly, brownies are ideal to celebrate anything and everything, and are even great as a sweet treat.

Davina Steel Classic Gluten Free Pizza Mix

Pizza night just got more exciting! Gather your little ones around and it’s time to make pizza from scratch. This mix will help you create the most delicious pizza! Get your favourite toppings, make the tomato base and enjoy a real pizza.

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