Today is the day after the longest day. I thought I would be talking to you about Garden Games. However, I don’t know where you are but it’s really chilly here – the heating has come on in our house and we are sitting around in jumpers and jeans, plus it keeps bucketing rain. This is pretty much unheard of in June (the cold, I mean, not the rain) but there’s no point in carping on about it – forget the garden games and time to go back to Family Games night

It’s lovely to have time away from screens as a family. It’s actually more than lovely. It’s important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against screen time whatsoever, and I’m one of the worst culprits, but I think it’s essential to have a healthy balance and I’m sure you believe this too.

Playing pool

As a family we love to play board games, card games and even a cheeky game of pool. As Motherhood the Real Deal says, “traditional games offer much more than fun family time, these games can help kids develop essential skills, such as cooperation, respect, teamwork, competition, creativity, strategy, and social skills.” If you are looking to spend less time on your screens and more time as a family, here are some of our favourite traditional games that we love to play!


I much prefer pool to snooker – I’ve only played snooker a few times and the table is just too big for me to be able to work out the angles properly. But I spent rather too many hours as a teenager and young adult in the pub playing pool, and I got to be not too bad at it, so I still enjoy the occasional game now. You might think you don’t have the space for a pool table at home, but Hamilton Billiards pool tables are available in plenty of sizes, from 6ft to 9ft, so you can find the perfect table for any room. The team at Hamilton Billiards can also create bespoke pool tables to meet any of your style and design requirements!

Plus, as this article in Cambridge News states, “playing snooker can benefit your mental health and improve knowledge, focus and concentration, research by Anglia Ruskin University has found.” This also covers the game of pool, so it’s a great choice for you and for your kids.

Board Games

I could talk about board games the whole day – there are too many to count. We might or might not have a large living room shelf full of different board games that we love. We tend to shun the traditional favourites like Monopoly (I don’t understand why anyone plays that) but we enjoy games like Carcassonne, Catan, Colt Express and (topically) Pandemic (which we started playing long before the real one hit!). North South Blonde also recommends The Game of Life, Family Feud and Watch Ya’ Mouth.

Card Games

Card games are one of those easy family games that can be played anywhere and everywhere. Just get a standard card deck and you can play Go Fish, Rummy or even Poker with the older kids. As Chelsea Mamma says, “there is an endless variety of card games that you can play with your kids with a simple deck of cards.” A family favourite is also Uno – simple and always so much fun and we also love Monopoly Deal, Love Letters, and Exploding Kittens.

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