The lovely people at Rokey Vacuum Storage Bags have given me a sample of their bags to review, and they will also be giving away 1 packet to a lucky reader

I feel like I’m a bit late to the party with vacuum storage bags. I’ve known about them for quite a long time, and feel like somehow I’m missing something by not flattening all of the random stuff that I need to store away. If you are reading this and have been using these things for ages already, please excuse my over-excitement when I suck the air out of my duvet below.

So why Rokey Vacuum Storage Bags? Well first of all I like them because they are a UK-based company. Secondly, they have been featured in the Guardian recently, which definitely gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that they are the real deal. And not only that, but on their Amazon listing, they have a score of 4.5 after over 4,000 reviews.

So from the start, I feel predisposed to like these guys, and then there are little extra touches which I really like too.

Like this for instance – the first thing you see when you open the box. Puts a smile on my face immediately.

I also liked the pump that came included with the package (although I think quite a few companies do this too…

So, when you order these , you can choose either 6 of the same bags or the variety pack. I chose the variety pack with 2 Jumbo bags, 2 large bags and 2 medium bags, and the company threw in an additional jumbo bag for free (more smiley faces and I haven’t even turned the hoover on yet!)

So do they actually work?

I’m writing this in midsummer – we are all sleeping with just our duvet covers right now and I have a pile of duvets and other bedding that really needs to be stored away. Here it is, with the box shown next to the pile to give you an idea of scale

I put this pile into two of the jumbo bags

and then went and got my trusty Henry. The sucking proved to be a bit difficult to do whilst simultaneously holding a camera and it took me a couple of times to get the effect I wanted – it worked better when I used two hands to smooth the bag down and keep it flat while Henry got to work. But here’s the best video I got of sucking the air out of a king-size duvet.

I love the way that it stays shut when you take the hoover away, but when you do want to let the air back in it is really easy to do.

And here is the finished result, compared with the start: I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

I can see myself making a huge amount of use of these vacuum storage bags. I know people that use them for packing to go on holiday, and if you take the hand pump for the return journey I can see that that would work really well. they are also a great idea for storing your out of season clothes in the attic – safe from damp, dust and moths.

So there you have it – I’m sold. If I need to buy any more of these, I will definitely be using Rokey Vacuum storage bags and I will be adding my name to the 5 star reviews on Amazon. And I hope that one of you will soon be joining me there, adding to the praise.

Rokey Vacuum Storage Bags – Giveaway

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