You don’t have to be young, fit and skinny to pursue a career in fitness.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but if, like me, you are older and a bit out of shape, it can be reassuring to be guided in the gym by someone who is more like you, or who has been out of shape, and has then undergone a transformation. Personal Trainers and exercise professionals can be any age and any size – as long as they practice what they are teaching.

Some people don’t know this about me, but back in 2008, I qualified as a Personal Trainer, thinking that it would be the ideal career for me to follow while my children were growing up. As it turned out, it wasn’t for me at the time, but I still rate it as a great career, especially since the advent of Zoom and training at home (in my opinion that’s probably the best thing that came out of the pandemic!)

I would thoroughly recommend to any mum to consider retraining in the fitness industry, but as it’s been a while since I took my qualification, I thought I would look for an expert to tell you a bit about the training process now. So the rest of this article has been contributed by Branden Mcleod from HFE, which is one of the UK’s leading providers of fitness-related courses, from personal training, to Pilates and yoga. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a massive influx of people working from home. The BBC reports that 5% of advertised jobs now come with ‘flexible’ or ‘dynamic’ work pattern benefits, perhaps indicating a wider acceptance of flexible working and an increased awareness of work-life balance. 

Perhaps you found yourself working from home during the height of the pandemic and are now being faced with the daunting prospect of returning to the office full-time. If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone, with 71% of UK workers wanting flexible work options to stay after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. 

Perhaps you’re thinking of a career change that allows you flexible work patterns and the opportunity to work from home. With this in mind, a career in fitness could be the answer here for you.

Personal Training 

If you have a passion for fitness and helping others, then a career in personal training could be for you. Personal trainers are at the forefront of an ever-growing sector, providing expert guidance on all things health, fitness and well-being. There is a myth that all personal trainers are young, athletic and aesthetically beautiful people that dedicate all their waking hours to the gym. This is far from the truth, with there being no professional requirement to have either 18-inch biceps or a six-pack. 

Your role as a personal trainer will be incredibly varied to fit the needs and requirements of your clients. You could be helping someone lose weight for their wedding day, you could be providing rehabilitation support, or you could be offering general well-being advice to maximise someone’s quality of life. Whatever your duties are, you will be a role model to others and an ambassador for a healthier way of living.

With modern technological advances, there has been a surge in personal trainers and fitness professionals working from home. With services such as online coaching, you do not even need to be in the gym or physically meeting clients on a day-to-day basis. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection to deliver your expert services wherever you are. 

With the likes of virtual fitness instruction as well, personal trainers, Pilates instructors and Yoga teachers can now stream their classes remotely, to an infinitely large audience using social media or through video communication services such as Zoom or Skype. Because the vast majority of fitness professionals are self-employed, perhaps the biggest benefit to a career in fitness is having the flexibility of deciding where you work, how long you work for, and ultimately, how much money you want to make.   

Getting Qualified 

If you decide a career in fitness is for you, you will need to choose a reputable training provider in order to gain your qualification. HFE offers a wide range of internationally recognised and professionally accredited fitness courses. From a Level 3 Personal Training qualification to a Pilates Diploma, HFE offers flexible learning (learn from home!), unrivalled resources, and the support of a dedicated tutor.   


A career in fitness can be incredibly rewarding, both emotionally and financially. If you’re looking for a career change that not only satisfies your thirst for fitness, but affords you the satisfaction of helping others, all whilst working flexibly, then perhaps a career in fitness is for you. 

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