Sooner or later your business will grow to the point at which you can’t manage alone and you need to take on external employees. Of course, it’s the aim of most small businesses to grow, but when you get to that point, taking on your first external people can be a bit of a scary prospect. Once you have an existing workforce you may still have to recruit, either to replace people that have left or to fill new roles that your business growth creates.

As a business owner, you know how vital having the right team is for your business’s success. The quality of your employees could make or break your business. Maybe you are recruiting specialists who bring skills to the table that you don’t have, or maybe you just need an extra pair of hands, but whichever it is, here are some tips for you to get the most out of the recruitment process and to find the perfect team members for your business.

1: Plan your recruitment process

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It is crucial to have a recruitment strategy that fits with your business goals. Taking on an employee is a long-term commitment and you aren’t looking to hire just anyone. You want your new workers to add value to your business, and to fit in with your business ethos and culture. If you are looking to hire people with particular skills, then you may want to consider using an agency that specialises in those skills, such as Origin Legal or other specialist legal recruitment companies with expertise in finding and providing legal jobs for solicitors, lawyers, etc.

2: Look within your circle first

Although hiring outside the company can be beneficial, it can also be quite expensive. You could maybe save time and money by looking for relevant skills from your existing employees and contacts first. Before you advertise a vacant position, you can scout through your workforce to see if there are suitable candidates.

Doing this will also encourage your staff to give their best in the hope of being recognised when opportunities arise. Ambitious and hardworking employees will start feeling overlooked and underappreciated if positions they believe they might qualify for go to recruits from outside. Could you promote someone and give them a little bit of extra training, and then recruit for the position that they have left?

3: Create a diverse slate of candidates

Diversity is encouraged in the workplace. Not only does this open your business to a wider range of potential candidates, but it also makes you more attractive to talented employees. People want to work for businesses that encourage and promote diversity. The more they see a diverse workforce, the more encouraged they will be to work for your company. However, you need to ensure that you don’t just opt for diversity to look politically correct. Do it in a way that brings the best out of your team.

4: Look beyond the CV

Anyone can put together a professional-looking CV, but the list of skills does not necessarily represent whether or not they would fit into your company.

Limiting your screening and recruitment process to the information on these documents could deprive your business of acquiring the right talent. If you have time, it is worth interviewing a reasonably wide field of candidates to get a feel for their personality Find out from your applicants what they bring to the position in question and your business in general that will take your company to the next level or make you different from your competitors.

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Recruitment can be daunting and tricky, but you will probably get a feel for the right candidate as soon as you meet them, and there is a lot to be said for going with your gut. If you need a specialist, then the right agency can pre-screen your applicants for skills, so that you can focus on the personality match.

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