Going on maternity leave presents women with a break from their regular career,  but for many, it also means a substantial drop in income. While nobody would call this extra time “free time” to relax, you may find yourself with a few opportunities to take some time for yourself and maybe earn some extra money.

For those who are returning to a job after a set amount of maternity leave, there are rules and regulations to abide by regarding making money while on leave. Become familiar with these first and check with your company before starting with one of these ideas.

1. Create Crafts

Those good with their hands can use the time while pregnant or when your newborn is asleep to start making some sort of crafts. Whether it’s knitting items of clothing, creating decorative items or another idea, these can be done sat down without using up too much energy. This could form the basis of a relaxing new hobby or you could sell your items online.

2.  Buying and Selling

As well as selling items around your house that are no longer needed, you could buy products in bulk and then sell for a profit. Starter kits can be found online to help you get set up, whether it’s selling books, jewellery or anything else.

3. Babysitting or Child Minding

You’ll already be spending a lot of time and energy looking after one baby, so why not add  another one or more to the mix for some extra income? (btw. if you have only experience of one small baby to date, managing two or more can be a lot harder and more exhausting than it looks)

It will likely be older children whose parents have gone back to work, so you’ll be helping them out and making a bit, though it could prove too stressful for some.  Again, check out the rules regarding childminding before you begin.

4. Start Trading

Unless you’re knowledgeable about the markets already, becoming a trader will take a bit of time to understand. There are many complex risks which you must understand fully before you begin. But on the upside if you have a financial brain this may be just the intellectual challenge that you are craving whilst sitting at home with a baby.

Once you know what you’re doing becoming a forex, stocks, commodities or other type of trader offers the chance to make a lot of money from your computer, laptop or smartphone with the right platform. You only need to dedicate a couple of hours of the day too.

5. Online Surveys

There are plenty of scams out there so research the company offering payment for filling out surveys carefully. When you find a decent one you can soon be earning money by just answering a lot of questions from your laptop or computer. This is flexible to do while juggling looking after a baby, but is unlikely to lead to serious income. A little bit of extra pocket money is always welcome though, so that you can treat yourself without guilt.

Sometimes it’s fun and a little bit of an intellectual challenge to have a “side hustle” while you are at home with small children. It can produce a bit of pocket money, and occasionally can lead to a full-time business which could replace your normal job.

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