#AD/Gifted I received a pack of 250 business cards to review.

Does anyone still use business cards in the modern world? Back in 2010 when I started blogging with Motivating Mum, one of the first things I did was get myself some business cards. In those days, I was going to, and speaking at, lots of mums networking meetings, and there were quite a few opportunities to put your business card into a hat for a prize and to swap business cards with the other attendees.

I still have quite a lot of those business cards, or at least I did until recently, although I haven’t given out a Motivating Mum card in ages – it’s just not who I am anymore. I bought Mum’s the Boss in 2012, and merged the two blogs in 2016, which is when I stopped using the name Motivating Mum, and yet, up till now, I have never made Mum’s the Boss business cards.

I’ve thought about it more than once, but it’s just one of those jobs I never got round to, and I did wonder if business cards are strictly necessary in the modern digital world. In recent years, I have done less networking and more VA work for long-term established clients, and then, of course, COVID came, all meetings went online and I didn’t see anyone I could give a business card to for over 18 months.

But now it’s Autumn 2021, I’m slowly coming out of hibernation, and starting to network in person again, because it’s lovely to see people in the flesh after so long. I have met quite a few people recently that have asked me “what do you do?” and it would be nice to give them an up-to-date card with all my socials on it so they can follow me.

Business cards from Aura print

In the midst of my musings, I was contacted by a lovely bespoke printing company called Aura Print, and asked if I would review their business card printing service. I took a look at their website, and they offer so many different options for business cards that it’s hard to know what to choose. They advertise a choice of 40 hand-picked papers and luxury finishes, including many eco-friendly options, and you can have the cards rectangular, folded, square, or die-cut to any shape you like. The possibilities are endless.

Aura Print also offers flyers, tags and labels, stationery, banners, and all sorts of things to help you promote your business. It makes me happy to see that not everything is electronic and online yet. I hope it never goes completely that way, as I’m a bit of a touchy-feely person and I love seeing nice stationery and branded accessories.

So I decided it’s time to get some lovely Mum’s the Boss business cards, and I’ll do my best to make good use of them.

I made my own business card design in Canva, although Aura Print offers a design service if you need help in that area. To be honest, mine are quite similar to the Motivating Mum ones that I had before, except I have changed the logo and brand colours – I really love the bright fuchsia pink I chose when I rebranded Mum’s the Boss a couple of years ago.

Business cards from Aura Print

In terms of shape, I’m quite traditional, so I went with a standard UK-sized rectangle, but then I chose rounded corners, a satin finish, and a thicker than average card to make them stand out a bit.

I also like having my photo on the card, so if someone has come across me at a networking meeting and collected lots of business cards, they might remember me by my face. I also put a business card inside my choir folder, so if I leave it somewhere and one of the other choir members picks it up they will know it’s me.

So I designed both sides of my card, making sure to leave a bleed margin around the edges, and sent it off to Aura Print. They made it into a proof, and sent it back to me for approval, giving me a second chance to look it over. And then a few days later the cards arrived.

I ordered 250 cards and they came really quickly, packaged beautifully in 2 large (100) boxes and one lovely little 50 box. I’ll probably keep this in my handbag.

Despite designing them myself and choosing every element about them, I was still really surprised when I took them out of the box and felt them. They are more chunky, more silky, and more luxurious than I ever imagined. I think they’ll make a really good impression when I give them to people, and I really want to just go out there and bandy them about right now.

I’m off to choir tonight, and it will be hard to resist the temptation to give one to everyone and say “Do you know who I am?”

I still don’t know the answer to whether business cards are really needed in today’s world, but what I do know is that business cards have certainly evolved since I purchased my last set. These lovely, luxurious cards from Aura Print look good, feel good and make me feel happy and good about myself and my business. Even if they do nothing else for me (which I doubt will be the case) it’s good enough for me that they make me feel proud about myself.

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