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So we are coming to the end of October and the clocks are going back next week. I’m noticing a distinct nip in the air in the mornings and the evenings too. I’m really not a fan of this time of year – I’m definitely a child of the summer, and always feel the cold and find the dark evenings a bit depressing.

One thing that is good about this time of year though, is having an open fire. We have a lovely brick open fireplace in our living room. It was one of the first things we saw when we looked at the house and we both fell in love instantly. I just love sitting on the sofa watching the flames and feeling the cosiness and hygge. We also find that one fire in the evening can heat the whole house. With gas bills going up this winter, I suspect we might be using this form of heating even more than normal this year.

We normally buy blocks of assorted timber from local suppliers, and supplement them with assorted bits of wood that my husband salvages from our garden. He grew up in the countryside and his dad was a forester, so he really enjoys collecting and using wood in this way. We use scrap paper and other bits from the household waste as kindling but up till now, we have normally used chemical-type firelighters to get the fires started.

So when I was contacted by White Horse Energy and asked if I would like to try out some of their wood fuel supplies, I was very excited. White Horse Energy describes itself as a domestic biomass energy supplier, which delivers wood pellets, kiln dried firewood and wood briquettes throughout the UK. They sent me a selection of products to try, as follows

5 Nestro Heat Logs: This is described as a biomass briquette, compacted and kiln-dried into a log shape. They are great as a base log for a fire, and can then be supplemented with a smaller quantity of hardwood logs to create the effect of a log fire

Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood: A boxful of lovely split and dried birch logs, cut into great sizes for a domestic fireplace

Kiln Dried Kindling: These are very small wood offcuts, cut beautifully so they fill the box that they are sent in

12 RUF FIre Blocks: These are small briquettes made from 100% organic hardwood, recycled and kiln-dried into bricks. These are carbon neutral and they burn away to almost nothing

200 Natural Firelighters: These are little pellets of what looks like straw but is actually shredded fir dipped in wax. They burn quickly and brightly – definitely long enough to ignite the kindling easily

The products arrived very quickly after ordering, and just as I was going out for the day. I got the delivery boxes indoors and stored them in my office. When I got home, there was a lovely woody aroma – not too much but just enough for me to smell hygge in the air.

Building the Fire

So then all I had to do was to wait for an evening when it was cold enough and my husband was around to build a fire (I can do it, but he enjoys doing it so much so I leave the job to him)

He decided to add 2 Nestro Heat Logs to make the base of the fire, then added some of the hardwood logs to the sides, a couple of RUF Fire Blocks on the front, and then filled in with kindling and a few of the natural firelighters. I must admit, it looked very compact and tidy – probably more so than if I had done it.

And so we were off. He lit the fire at 20.15 using just one match, and we decided that we would add no more fuel and just see how it went.

One match was definitely enough, the kindling ignited very quickly and so did the Fire Bricks. My hubby is not used to Fire Bricks and hadn’t expected them to expand as much as they did – they fell forward a bit and he had to do a little bit of poking to keep the fire in shape at first. But then, as you will see from the pictures below, it just took off and completely filled the fireplace.

There was one point, around the 20:48 mark where we did wonder whether we had actually started with too much fuel – the fire definitely filled the fireplace and the heat was amazing. But we just kept an eye on it and it was all fine. Next time, we will probably only use one heat log, and maybe place the Fire Bricks in a different way

I had to leave at 9.30 to go and pick up my son, and at that point, the fire had died down considerably but was still very cosy – my hubby said it burned until nearly 10pm, and when we came back the room was still lovely and warm. Best of all when I came down in the morning, was the grate was almost completely clear with only a very tiny amount of ash below.

Overall we were very impressed indeed with the service from White Horse Energy – from the speed of the delivery to the quality of the products delivered. The fire we had was just lovely and we still have plenty of materials left to build several more. Not using the chemical firelighters will make it much better for my son to toast marshmallows on too.

If you would like to try some of the products from White Horse Energy, you can have 5% off your first order. Use the code mumstheboss (all lower case and no spaces) at the checkout to redeem your discount.

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