A few years ago, having the Beach Business lifestyle seemed to be every entrepreneur’s dream. Books like the Four Hour Work Week and Beach Money promised a lifestyle where you could run a business from anywhere, and still make enough money that you could spend most of your time in idle leisure.

To be honest, that ideal lifestyle didn’t materialise for most of us back then, and many remained tied to their offices. But then the pandemic hit, offices and many other workplaces were forced to go virtual, and suddenly a whole lot more of us realised that you don’t have to commute to an office every day in order to be successful. Technology has improved dramatically for networking with people all over the world, and more of us know how to work it now. You may find that even your grandmother is on Zoom nowadays…

The beach lifestyle is still possible, and more and more people are embracing it

As a lot of people have got used to working from home and making their own schedules, many do not want to go back to the office, and are seeking alternative employment if their current company refuses to be flexible. Many people are trying to think of other ways they can make money while they travel and spend more time with their families. If you are one of those people, here are some jobs that you can do from anywhere. 


If you have the knack to make the written word compelling, you may be able to make a career out of it. Good writing is a skill that is in short supply and many companies will pay copywriters handsomely. Writing can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection, and companies have accepted this now. They are probably as happy as you are that you don’t take up full-time space in their office. So you can take on projects, make your deadlines, and make your boss happy without ever having to meet your employer face to face

Now that travel is starting to open up again, you can work from various destinations around the globe, as long as you hand everything in on time and you continue to produce great work. 


A lot of companies need transcription services, especially those who are now producing a lot of videos (for instance recordings of virtual meetings on Zoom) If you can type fast, have good grammar skills and you want to work as a transcriber, you can work virtually anywhere. You may be producing notes from meetings that have been recorded or you may be producing subtitles for YouTube videos or transcripts of podcast episodes, but whichever it is you will be helping people communicate better using different media.

Life Coaching

If you want to sign up for a life coach certification programme, you can be on your way to helping other people live their best lives in no time. The best part of this kind of job, is that you don’t necessarily have to meet in person if you don’t want to. You can actually split your time between meeting with people locally and taking on clients in other places in the country or the world. 

With online video conferencing platforms, you can speak to anyone anywhere, and if your life takes you to other places, your local clients can use the same conferencing software to speak to you wherever you are. Your boundaries will be limitless and all the while you will be working and changing lives. 


If you are an educator looking for another way to help in academia, or if you are a highly educated person who is the master of a certain subject, you can get a job as a tutor. Tutors don’t necessarily have to be certified teachers, if you have a lot of knowledge you can help a child or an adult learn better so they can pass their course. 

You can use your computer from wherever you are to get online and speak to your students. You can share your screen in order to demonstrate lessons and share work so that you can get your lesson across

Graphic Design

Another area where companies often need help but have discovered they don’t necessarily need it in-house, is in the area of graphic design. Some people specialise in making and selling graphics for social media – others produce logos, business cards, brochures and similar. If you have skills with Photoshop , or even Canva for smaller projects, you could find that your skills are in demand.

So if you are hankering after the digital nomad lifestyle, here are some ideas as to how you could finance it. Yes, you still need a desk, a computer, and a connection to the internet, but if you have those, then you can be just about anywhere.

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