If you have a shop or a place where customers visit you in person, then I’m sure you have put some thought into the visual impact that your business has on your customers and prospects. Colour schemes and aesthetics are a very important part of creating a good impression.

However, if you work in an office and you do most of your business online, are aesthetics still important?

In many ways, the look of your working environment is still very important. One example is if you regularly use Zoom to do business calls or if you make video content for your website. The people you are speaking to, will be able to see a bit of the background around you and will use that to inform their opinion of you and your business.

Even if this is not the case, if you and your employees are working in a pleasant and harmonious work environment you may find that you are more productive and also that you come across as more positive and happy in your dealings with others.

So take a look around you? Is your work environment good for you and for your customers, or could it use a little sprucing up? Here are some ways to improve your aesthetic.

1) Keep Your Business Clean And Organised

If you want your business to look nice, then your office should be clean and organised. Clutter can sometimes be appealing, but only if done right. Otherwise, clutter just looks messy and unappealing.

To keep a room looking good as new, try cleaning the walls with lemon juice every now and again or dusting everything down regularly. Make sure all of your items are in their rightful places like pens and stationery – this looks nicer but also means that you can find things faster when you need them.

Many people recommend having houseplants in an office area. They certainly do brighten up the space and they may contribute to purifying the air a bit, but if you do have plants make sure that they are well-cared-for, water them as often as they need and pick up dead leaves if they drop .

A tidy desk with pens neatly in a pen holder
Tidy desk with everything in its place

2) Decorate Your Office 

Having nice decorations in your office will make it look much nicer than having nothing at all. You can pick up prints of famous paintings or posters or images of whatever takes your fancy! If you’re looking into getting new furniture, stick with blacks, browns, blues, and greys. These colours seem very professional while still being aesthetically pleasing – you can then add splashes of colour with cushions and/or wall decorations.

3) Get Help From Professionals 

If you’re struggling to make your business look aesthetically pleasing, then it’s best to get some professional help. Many interior designers will be more than happy to help spruce up your office. Try getting quotes from painters and decorators because they’ll know what goes well with the rest of the room/building. If your business is a shop, then you should probably consult shop design specialists as they can help you to design a space that is beautiful but also functional for you to display your goods and customers to see them in the best way.

Bright shopfront colours look great in some locations

4) Choose your Colour Scheme Carefully

The right colours can make or break your business. Your colours should suit the personality of your business, be pleasing to your target customer group and also be appropriate to the type of building you are in, the local area, and the size of the rooms.

If you have certain colours in your company logo, maybe they can be incorporated into your decor, but be aware that a bright colour that you love and that looks lovely on a small logo on a corner of your letterhead or website, isn’t necessarily going to work as the main colour in a room decor. Consider using neutral colours as the backdrop and adding in your company colours as accents where appropriate.

Image of a cafe, painted green with lots of plants outside
This cafe looks very cosy and inviting

In conclusion,  aesthetics are very important when you’re running a business. If your office looks aesthetically pleasing, it can encourage customers to spend more time there and feel at home, but if the opposite happens and they don’t like how it looks, they may not want to come back again unless they have any other choice! So keep all of these tips in mind when you’re creating your business to make it aesthetically nice!

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