After two years of precarious and strange working arrangements, and many of us discovering that we do prefer working from home, it’s no wonder that many people now want to start a small business. Being self-employed and being in charge of your own working hours and practices sounds very appealing after what we’ve been through, but the stumbling block for many, is making the choice as to what exact type of business they want to be in, and whether there would be a market for that.

It takes time, investment and effort to start a small business – many people have good ideas for a business, but never really find the time or the drive to make it happen. If you want to start a business but you’re not really sure where to start, there are a few ways you can set up your own venture. You can even start small by doing something on the side alongside your main job, until you are ready to go it alone. Starting a business can be simpler than you think, sometimes barely requiring any capital or even tools. Here are some of the ways you can make it happen.

Go Independent with Your Existing Profession

One of the best ways to start a business of your own is to use your existing skills to start working for yourself. Whatever you do for your main job now could be your route into owning your own business. You could become a freelancer or contractor, whether you want to offer professional services or you work in a trade. It’s something that you could start off doing in your spare time, although you might need to make sure you’re not breaking any employment rules or directly competing with your employer.

Turn a Hobby Into a Business

If you don’t want to keep working in your current field, you might be looking for other ways to start a business. Taking a hobby that you have worked on to grow other skills could be another option for launching your business. Before you use a hobby to start a business, think about whether you really want to take something you enjoy and try to make money from it. Some people find that trying to monetize something that they love doesn’t work out for them. It can suck the joy out of it, but it could also be great to make money from something you’re doing anyway.

Buy an Existing Business

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I bought both this blog, Mum’s the Boss, and the blog I ran previously, Motivating Mum. At the beginning of this journey, I had no notion about blogging or making money from a website – but the idea that these businesses came with fully formed websites, branding and social media accounts with followers was very attractive to me

For your first time running a business, buying one might not be your first idea. However, there are a few reasons you might consider looking at businesses to buy instead of starting one from scratch. By buying a business, you can get everything set up from the start. There are plenty of small businesses that could suit you and may not be that complicated for you to take over. You can also consider franchises, which can be an easier way to set up a new business.

Start a Small Business with Someone Else

Going into business on your own is one option, which can work out for you if you want to be the one in charge. But if you want someone to share the load with, starting a business with someone else could make it easier.

Of course, working with someone else comes with its own challenges too. Creating a partnership agreement is an important part of going into business with someone else. It will set out your duties and help to create the right boundaries, as well as define how proceeds will be split between you.

If you seriously want to start a small business, then now is as good a time as any to start. Talk your plans through with friends and family, or with a business coach or mentor, make a plan and then go for it.

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