If you have enjoyed working from home during the pandemic, but your employer is now insisting that you return to the office, you might be considering a career change. One area, which more and more women seem to be going into, is web development and website design and management, which can very easily be done from home, or indeed from anywhere. If you enjoy IT and you have some experience in setting up websites you may consider yourself ready to go in this area. However, before you can gain employment and start making money, you may need to first consider the ways that you can make yourself more employable and get ahead of other applicants.

Build a Portfolio

With website design, the end product is a very visual thing, and the website also needs to be fit for the stated purpose and technically up to date. If you were wanting to hire a web developer it would be normal to ask to see some examples of work that they have done in the past to establish whether or not their design skills fit with your vision. Those who already work in the development or design industries may already have some degree of relevant experience that they can showcase when applying for roles. However, for those who have completely changed careers, it can be necessary to find ways to build on both experience and education before completing the application process and attending interviews. 

You may be able to use this time to gain additional training and input from laravel development services who can help you to find a niche and enable you to offer more than just basic web design. Having the capability to set up subscriptions, webshops, and even recruitment and onboarding systems within a website could be quite lucrative for future employers.

Diversify your Skills

One of the aspects you may want to think about can be the skills you could bring to a hiring company. While you may have educated yourself on your chosen development language, and gained some experience, there may be other ways to get ahead. Web development may not always be just about coding. You may also need to have good communication skills to be able to efficiently liaise with both your co-workers and clients. 

This could make a big difference, especially when designing a site or app from scratch. Making sure that you have properly understood the needs of the client, as well as any explicitly stated specifications, could save you time on projects. Stating this skill, and its benefits, during the interview process could, therefore, be quite important.

Time Management

Whether you choose to work for an existing company, or even for yourself, you may also need to consider the importance of good time management. Not only can this be important to help you get to work on time, but it can also factor into you being able to finish projects ahead of their deadlines. This can help to take off some of the strain that can come from this role. Concurrently, time management can also help you to allocate breaks, which could be essential for helping to prevent eye strain and even burnout. Again, being able to include this skill could prove valuable in an interview, as well as throughout the working day.

Taking on a job as a developer may not be instantaneous. Initially, you may want to do some research into whether this is the right career path for you. It may be useful, if you have made your mind up, to undertake courses, training, and even voluntary work for experience, outside of your current working hours. Maybe you might consider setting up a website for your own use, perhaps with a blog or an E-commerce platform. Once you have the knowledge, and potentially a portfolio, you may be able to gain a good career in the development industry.

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