So summer is here and gardens are blooming. Maybe you are an avid garden and this season fills you with joy. If so you have probably been outside tending to your garden for months already.

However, for many of us, the garden is a chore as well as a blessing, and if you have children, a job or career and a home to take care of, it’s easy to leave some of the gardening chores to one side and concentrate on the jobs that are right under your nose. Sadly at this time of year, neglecting your garden can very quickly lead to it becoming overgrown and unusable. Many of us outsource the cleaning and maybe the laundry to others when we get too busy to cope, so why not consider outsourcing the gardening as well, if it’s not a passion of yours.

The time may come when the best idea is to hire a gardener, either to do a one-off clear up of the garden, or to take care of ongoing maintenance, if you are not finding the time to do it. We had a local firm in a couple of weeks ago and it has made an amazing difference, such that I’m now able to get out there and make the rest of it look beautiful.

Finding a reputable gardener

Whether you’re thinking about having a gardener in to do a one-off job, or even to look after your gardens on a regular basis, you will want to make sure you are using a legitimate trader. Some people might offer gardening services, however, lack the skills or insurance to be able to do the job correctly and safely. Looking for a gardener in London on Checkatrade can allow you to search through a number of legitimate businesses and sole traders to find the right people for your job. This can include reading previous customer reviews to see how their needs were met and what the quality of service was like. You can then ring or email some of them to gain quotes and get a feel for them yourself.

Identify hazards

There may be a number of beautiful plants in your garden that seem harmless, but could actually do a lot of damage. A reputable gardener may be able to differentiate between a standard plant and a weed, as well as recognise some of the common poisonous plants that could be hazardous to your children or your pets. This can help to make your garden far safer for you, your children, and even your pets and other wildlife to enjoy. Most gardening companies will also have larger, more professional tools, which will enable them to get the job done more quickly and efficiently, and many of them will also take the waste away for you.

Having someone else do the heavy gardening is especially lovely if you have small children. If you have ever tried to garden with children around you will know that either they want to help, and that causes more trouble than it’s worth, or they are off making mischief in another part of the garden, and distracting you from the task in hand.

Adequate training

There may be certain gardening jobs that you don’t have the resources or knowledge to be able to deal with yourself. This could involve large landscaping jobs or even the removal of trees or well-established shrubs. To save yourself time, and keep yourself safe, you may want to consider that a number of reputable gardeners may have already gained qualifications in these procedures, as well as how to use any associated machinery or tools. This way, the job can still be completed, but with you and your family at a safe distance.

Changing the layout and contents of your garden with the help of a gardener can be great for your whole family. Your pets will have a nicer space to roam around in too. Keeping your outdoor areas free of hazards can allow your children to build on their motor skills, exercise, and engage in play. For you, as adults, it may help to create a calm, welcoming environment for time with family and friends.

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