There’s no shortage of gorgeous clothes for babies and toddlers. From basics to party clothes, there are so many options available. Friends and family love to gift cute outfits, and it can be lots of fun shopping for the most adorable combinations. But are we prioritising style over substance? And should we rethink how we buy clothes for kids? 

The clothing industry as a whole is under increasing scrutiny, and while baby clothes may be tiny, they still make up a massive part of the market. We take a look at why parents should consider organic cotton as a priority when shopping for their little ones.

1. Good for your Baby

When buying for your baby, no doubt comfort is at the front of your mind. Organic cotton is completely handpicked, making the fibres less likely to weaken and become damaged. This process is gentler than machine picking and results in longer fibres which in turn creates a softer result. Soft organic cotton is especially preferred for basics and layers closest to your child’s skin.

As well as being soft, organic cotton is hypoallergenic and comes without any nasty chemicals. The process of growing and picking utilises natural methods to control pests and diseases, so it eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides. Think about how often socks, bibs, sleeves and everything else end up in your baby’s mouth! Knowing these chemicals aren’t a part of that process can help put your mind at rest. Buying organic cotton clothing helps you get at least some control over what ends up in their mouths! 

2. Better for the Environment

As much as we don’t want harmful chemicals around our children, we also don’t want them damaging our planet. Non-organic textile farmers use pesticides that degrade soil quality and contaminate water supplies. 

Organic Baby Clothes by Jamie Kay

3. Less Harmful to Workers

Research has shown that up to 77 million cotton workers suffer from pesticide poisoning every year. Eradicating the use of these harmful pesticides significantly reduces the risks that cotton farmers face. 

Organic cotton is grown in crop rotations, a more natural process that keeps the earth enriched instead of aggressively harvesting. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it enables farmers to grow different crops and use the land for growing food and other produce.

When you need to buy new clothes for your little ones, these are just some of the reasons to invest in organic cotton clothing vs standard cotton and other materials.

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