When it comes to moving house, self-storage can be great at saving you time, money, and stress. Using storage to declutter your property prior to it going to market allows prospective buyers to see the potential of your home and not get distracted by all your belongings. In the event there’s an unplanned problem on move day, you have the option to put your possessions in storage temporarily which can be a huge stress reliever.

Following on from this, here are other ways self-storage can help you when moving house.

You Need to Declutter Before Move Day

In the lead up to the big move, you will soon appreciate just how much stuff you’ve collected over the years! Bear in mind that many removal companies charge by the time it takes to pack up belongings, as well as the number of journeys needed to get everything to your new home. To save money and hassle, it makes sense to declutter your home as much as you can in advance. You can consider moving some things into self-storage which will reduce moving time and costs.

You Find Yourself Between Houses

In an ideal world, you would move out of your property and into your new one on the same day. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. You may have sold your own home and find you cannot move into your new abode for a number of weeks or months. If this is the case, where are you going to house all your stuff, especially if you’ve got buyers moving into your old property? The answer to this is self-storage. Stored Away knows the ins and outs of self-storage. They can keep hold of your belongings in
safe and secure units, which is sure to decrease stress.

You Encounter Unexpected Problems

When moving house, things may not go exactly to plan as you’d hoped for. For instance, all it takes is one person to have an issue with their removals company or mortgage approval and everything comes crashing down. You should always have a plan B in place for these instances. If you need somewhere to house all your belongings for a night or two until everything’s sorted out, self-storage is the way to go.

You Want to Unpack Slowly

As you get the keys to your new home and start to get settled in, you may want to take your time unpacking. Rather than having all your home contents taking up room in your new property, having them in self-storage may be useful. That way, you can chip away at it over the coming days and weeks, which can make the unpacking process more bearable.

Your New Home Requires Some TLC

You may decide your new home is in need of some TLC before you properly settle in. Whether you’re fitting a new carpet, painting the walls, or repurposing existing rooms, having your furniture in self-storage will mean it’s kept safe and protected while renovation work gets underway.

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. You don’t need any added stress on top, so if you need to, using self-storage solutions can be a big help for keeping hold of your items while you transition from A to B.

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