Finding your Passion with doTERRA - Mum's the Boss

So the children have started school and you are thinking that maybe you should go back to work…..?

The extra money would be nice, but the thought of leaving them in after school clubs and letting other people see all their development milestones is too much to bear…..  Who will go to the Mother’s Day assembly and the nativity play if you don’t, and who will wipe their tears away if you are not there?

You’ve been desperately trying to avoid going back to work haven’t you? But now the decision is staring you in the face….


I bet you’ve tried a few work from home schemes. I bet one or two of your friends have signed you up to sell their stuff, but it didn’t really work. And you don’t just want to be a homebody,  part of you would also really like to be using your brain and making a difference in the world, not just cooking and cleaning. You’d like to get a bit of you back, is that too much to ask?

So should you work, or should you stay at home? That’s the big dilemma. What would be best for you and what would be best for the children?



I know exactly how you feel because that was me a few years ago. You can read my full story in instalments on this blog if you want to – it starts here….A Mumpreneur is Born

But the gist of the story is that I was forced to take 4 years off work as my husband was located to Jersey and my children were born there. When we came back I knew I didn’t want to go back to the type of full on stressful job I had before.

So I tried all kinds of work from home schemes including several network marketing businesses, and some other very silly business ideas. I had a bit of success and some spectacular flops, but nothing was really working and I got increasingly desperate and frustrated – was I going to have to go back to work after all?

In 2010 I discovered blogging and taught myself how to use social media, and built a great following completely from scratch. The blog made a profit, and  I have made a second income from teaching social media skills and blogging and helping other home based companies with admin and social media skills.



I discovered my passion, providing support for mums who work at home, and over the last 7 years I have mentored and helped launch a lot of small businesses run by mums.


But one bit was still missing for me; blogging on the subject of mums in business, I kept hearing about and getting seduced by the promises of full time and residual income from network marketing, and in the next few years I tried out a few more companies. I’ll let you find the wreckage of those attempts on my blog and the lessons I learned from them.


But finally this year, I have found the company and the team that brings it all together for me, and now I can see how it is possible to make network marketing work. I have a plan now that will see me make a full time income in the next year, and not only that, but I now have plenty of real skills and strategies that I can teach to my team so that they are successful too.


I have made all the major mistakes, so you don’t have to. I’ve found the company with products and ethics I can stand behind, I’ve found an amazing team of people to work with, and it’s just getting better and better.

doterra essential oils

Not only that, but the products I sell are used by my whole family, so they are winning too, firstly by having me at home, and also by improving their health and well-being.

(they grew up a bit)


With doTERRA we are not carbon copy sales people. We are encouraged to be individuals – to brand ourselves and to get out there and sell online as well as in person. I enjoy creating photoshop images – my friend enjoys making soaps and perfumes with the oils and selling those. Another friend uses the oils in her art classes to give her students inspiration……


Finally I can bring together all my blogging skills, my social media skills and my mentoring abilities, and recruit and train my team to get out there and be the best.

So why am I telling you this?

I want to give you a real opportunity to work from home and make real meaningful money, while making a difference in the world and also helping to keep your family healthy. I want you to see your children grow up and be able to provide for them too – I wouldn’t have missed the last 10 years for the world…


This is not a get rich quick scheme and the money won’t fall into your lap – it will take passion and commitment, but the type of commitment that fits well with family life.


You will need to invest in a starter pack of products and to take time learning about them, and it would be a good idea,though not essential, to have some money to set up a website and blog and also possibly some paid social media advertising (I will help you with this)


If you are prepared to work hard , to learn, to grow and to get out there, I can offer you any or all of the following, depending on what you need.

  • Initial set up meeting to discuss your target market, your niche, how best to use your individual skills and expertise, and how to brand yourself.
  • A four week set up and launch programme, with weekly one to one mentoring and actionable steps for you to complete each week. Ongoing mentoring, individually and in groups as required after that time.
  • Assistance with designing and setting up a website and blog, if you decide that you need one.
  • Assistance with designing and setting up social media pages on several channels, plus plenty of training on how to choose the best channels for you and make the best of yourself on social media.
  • Design, set up and training of an email marketing package and strategy.
  • Training on the latest internet ‘Attraction Marketing’ techniques
  • Access to a business builders group on Facebook where you can gain inspiration and support and be held accountable.


What company is it?  It’s called DoTERRA. Take a look at their main website to see if their product range and ethics appeal to you. Read through the information about how the products are sourced and how the company looks after its producers, and look at the science behind the products as set out in the blog


This is not a sales site – even if you love what you see there, please don’t do anything yet.


I would like to have a long chat with you, preferably on Skype before you commit to anything. I would like to find out a bit about you, where you are coming from, what skills you bring to the table and exactly what you are looking for. And I’d like you to grill me and  find out whether or not you think you would like to work with me.


Nothing makes me happier than helping mums be with their children. I have been totally blessed over the last 10years, and now I want to help you enjoy the next few years at home too, without any guilt.


If you have read down as far as this, and if you have checked out DoTERRA and like what you see, then please press the button below and leave me your contact details. Let’s chat and get to know each other and see if I have the answer to your dreams…..