When people join my doTERRA mailing list I try to contact them pretty quick and ask whether I can help them. The most common query that people have is they want to know how they can start selling doTERRA and how the essential oils business works.

So instead of rehashing it endlessly on email, I thought I would set out the basics here.

DoTERRA is a Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM). This does not mean it is any kind of a scam or a pyramid scheme, but what it does mean is that you don’t join up directly with the company – you join up under an individual who becomes your sponsor.

I always hope that people who are joining my mailing list will choose me as their sponsor but you don’t have to.  However once you have joined up, your sponsor is responsible for training you and looking after you, so make sure you ask your prospective sponsor what kind of training and support they can offer you.

I am part of a large group of DoTERRA wellness advocates called Ora Leaders.  I run a small team myself, so I can give one to one support to any of my team that needs help, but I can also connect you to a large Facebook group with wellness advocates from around the world, and training sessions conducted online several times a month.

How do you get started with DoTERRA?

You get started by buying some products. I would always recommend buying and trying a selection of products before deciding if you want to sell them. You can buy the products at retail price, or you can save money from day 1 by committing to a Wholesale or a Wellness Advocate account for a year.

There are three levels of customer with DoTERRA

  •  A Retail customer pays the full retail price for all products and is not allowed to resell them – this is for you if you just want to sample one or two things before you continue.
  • A Wholesale customer pays the wholesale price for all items for a year (25% less than retail), but is not allowed to resell them – this option costs £24 to get started so it is worth doing if you think you want to buy over £100 of products just for yourself in a year
  • A Wellness Advocate is DoTERRA’s term for a wholesale customer who is also licensed to sell doTERRA products and recruit other representatives under them. Note you have the option to sell products but you don’t have to, there are no sales targets and you can grow your business as fast or as slowly as you want to.

selling doTERRA oils

Being a Wellness Advocate costs just the same as being a Wholesale Customer, so if you are even vaguely thinking about sharing or selling DoTERRA products then it is worth doing this

You can find out about the difference between a Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate here   Wholesale vs Wellness Advocate

How much does it cost?

You have two choices when you become a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.

The first option is to buy an enrollment kit – (see the options here)

starting to sell doterra

These kits are based on DoTERRA’s best selling products and they are offered at a substantial discount to buying all of the products separately. They are the ideal way to get started and they include the £20 joining fee. If you are planning to sell DoTERRA products it makes sense to experience as many of them as you can, so these kits will give you a good starting point.

If you don’t want to buy an enrollment kit, then you can become a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate by paying a £20 (plus VAT) joining fee, and then selecting your own oils at Wholesale price to get started.


How much do the products cost?

You can see the latest product guide here and the latest price list (including VAT) here

What is the small print – what else do I need to know?

Two things at this stage – first of all here is the Policy manual

And secondly, the Compensation plan – how much will you get paid.

It’s complicated, but contact me and we can talk about it.  Be aware, as with all MLM, it starts small and only builds if you put in substantial work. No such thing as free money.


So what happens next?

That’s a huge amount of dry paperwork I just set out for you to wade through.  But hopefully, it’s enough for you to decide if you are still interested in doing this.

If you still have more questions (and you probably will) then please email me debbie@mumstheboss.co.uk and let’s set up a call or Skype and chat things through. I’m happy to answer any questions that you have before you get started and (if you join my team) for ever afterwards.

If you want to dive in and get going then please visit https://www.mydoterra.com/florescence/#/joinAndSave

Choose your area (I can sponsor team members wherever you are), choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate and fill in your details. Make sure the sponsor number says 4441713 if you have decided to join under me.  Then select your enrollment kit (or the £20 Welcome pack), select any other products you want and pay your money. The products will be with you in 3-4 working days and that’s all there is to it.


Don’t worry, that isn’t all there is to it, but that is all you need to know at this stage. Once you have done that, then I will send you a big welcome letter, introduce you to all my fabulous Facebook friends and we can start working together to get your business started.  I will be as hands-on or hands-off as you want – happy to help but never intrusive.

Take a look at the following too





And finally, before you go, take a look at my free ebook on essential oils and energy. this is one of the main reasons I joined doTERRA and one of the main things I do with my oils now