If you have read my general introduction to doTERRA, you will know that I came to this company looking for some support for my family’s immune systems, as we went down with every bug imaginable last winter. So this year I am putting everything I have learned into action.

Here are some great ideas for boosting your immmune system using essential oils and other natural methods.


  1. Get Outside as much as you Can – if you are cooped up in an office or in school this is not always easy, and it feels at this time of year like you never see the daylight. But do your best to get outside every day, in daylight even if just for a short time.  On your days off, wrap yourself up with appropriate clothing and take a long brisk walk in the fresh air. Your body will thank you for it


  2. Use the Immune Support Oil Blend – Place 10 drops Frankincense, 10 drops OnGuard, 10 Drops Melaleuca and 10 drops Lemon in a 10ml glass roller ball and then top with fractionated coconut oil. Roll it on the bottoms of the feet 2x a day.
  3. Drink Bone Broth (aka chicken stock) – Homemade chicken stock contains a wealth of nutrients, helps strengthen the immune system and is also known for its antiviral properties. If you don’t know how to make bone broth check out this recipe from Thinking Slimmerbone broth
  4. Take an Epsom Salt and Lavender Bath – When we are stressed, the first mineral our body burns through is magnesium, and a deficiency in magnesium can cause all sorts of health issues. An easy way to replenish magnesium stores is to take an epsom salt bath. Add 1 cup of Epsom salts and 2 drops of lavender to your bath and soak for 20 minutes. Check out my Lavender body scrub too The stress will melt away! 🙂lavender body scrub
  5. Reduce Sugar Intake – Sugar causes inflammation and weakens the immune system.  Try to cut down the added sugar in your food – check your food labels carefully as you may be surprised where it is hiding. If you fancy sweet things try to eat whole fruit wherever possible.
  6. Use Essential Oils to Reduce Stress to Protect the Immune System – Nothing wrecks havoc on the immune system like stress does! So, use essential oils each day that help you feel more relaxed. Some of my favorites are: Lavender, Balance, Serenity, Peppermint, Wild Orange, Cedarwood and Vetiver If you are reading this in November, look out for my Serenity GiveawayDoTERRA Serenity
  7. Eat Probiotics at Every Meal – Over 85% of the immune system is in the gut, so it’s important to keep the gut healthy. One way to do this is by consuming probiotic-rich foods. These foods include: kefir, sauerkraut, cultured yogurt, kombucha, and fermented vegetables. You can also purchase probiotics to take with a good diet. I really like the doTERRA children’s probiotics. My children love them and I do too!
  8. Get as Much Sleep as you Can  – Make sure you come away from your screens and gadgets and take some time to wind down before bedtime. Do some gentle stretches or some yoga. Use a pillow spray or diffuse soothing essential oils in your bedroom before you go to bed.  If you do have minor sniffles add DoTERRA Breathe into the diffuser and you will soon be able to relax and breathe more freely