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Hello and welcome to my DoTERRA Essential oils page, the home of the most uplifting and sensual oils on the planet.

I’ve used essential oils on and off for years, mainly as room freshening scents and in massage oil, but it’s only this year that I have started delving deeper into the practice of aromatherapy, and looking at all the other things they can be used for.

I came to DoTERRA essential oils after a year of minor bugs for our family; coughs, colds, stomach flu, ear and chest infections. You name it, we had it. Our immune systems were shot to pieces but traditional medicine has nothing to offer for these type of annoying illnesses.

doterra essential oils

So I started researching natural medicine, and essential oils caught my eye. I found the Family Essentials kit from doTERRA, and because  it was cheaper to buy it if I signed up as a Wellness Advocate I did so.  And the rest, as they say is history… 

Take a look at  my doTERRA website http://www.mydoterra.com/florescence and you can learn a bit more about essential oils and what they could do for you.

You can read what I thought of the Family Essentials kit on my blog, and here is a great video which shows some of the uses of each oil in that kit for a typical family.  This GP uses essential oils to treat children with autism but a lot of the symptoms she refers to  – lack of focus, overwhelm, digestive disturbance, difficulty sleeping – can apply to all children and sometimes to their parents too. 

Advertising standards prevent us from claiming that essential oils cure anything, but from my point of view they make me feel good, they help me and the children to sleep, and then to perk up again in the morning, and I’ve also found some personal fragrances and skincare routines that make me feel amazing.  I’m managing my menopausal symptoms better and have stopped taking HRT.   I’m cleaning my home with natural products only, and I feel like I am helping the planet while my home smells wonderful.


Not only that but these oils are sourced from all the countries in the world where the plants grow best. DoTERRA helps the local communities with conservation, healthcare and education projects, which makes me feel doubly good about buying these products. Here is an example, using Frankincense oil.

I’d love to tell you a bit more about essential oils  in general and DoTERRA in particular and that’s why I’ve put together a short Introduction to Essential oils course, which starts with the DoTERRA guide to 150 things you can do with the 10 oils in the Family Essentials kit You will find out how you can save 25% on all your purchases and/or how you can set up a business selling essential oils.

So if you would like to find out a bit more about doTERRA essential oils and what they can do for you please leave your details below. 

If you have already decided that you want to buy or sell doTERRA oils, please contact me directly at debbie@mumstheboss.co.uk   or text me +44 (0)7702 750740,  and I will tell you how you can get started straight away.

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