Hi, I’m Debbie O’Connor and this is Mum’s the Boss.

I’ve been working from home in various guises since having my first child in 2003.

This blog has it all – business tips, self-care tips, parenting tips, and an honest look at how things really are when you work at home with children, how you are supposed to hold it all together and stay sane. 

My various businesses are woven in here too, along with tips from other mumpreneurs. I hope you enjoy it.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Mediterranean Pasta salad - this is a take on the classic Greek Salad, beefing it up a bit to make a full meal. For all I love writing to you about business and productivity tips - when I look at my analytics, it's clear that what people really like from this site are...

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