Welcome to Mums in the Middle – a community for mums who are running it all launching October 2018

Modern mums can have it all, so they tell us.
  • We have jobs, careers, businesses.
  • We have a huge amount of choice as to how our children are raised and educated, including doing it ourselves if we want to.
  • Some of us are carers, to children with complex needs, to grandchildren, or to elderly parents or other adults.
  • We can choose to be married, single, or partnered up in any way that we want to. We care for our own and other people’s children.
  • We can live where we want, sometimes far from close friends and family.
  • Some of us are doing this alone, without the support of a partner, or with a partner who is physically there but not able or willing to lend a hand.

We do have it all, all the time, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming!  We are the mums in the middle….

Mums in the Middle


Do you ever feel as a mum, that you spend all day, all week, looking after the needs of everyone else, and that some essential part of you is being forgotten?


We know what our children need from us, what our partners need, what our boss/clients/customers expect, and what our wider family and friends want from us too. But how often do you take off all the hats, cast aside the roles of mother, daughter, wife, sibling, employee, friend, and explore what you actually need for yourself?

mum's the boss

I am forming a community of special mums online. I see you, struggling out there. I know you don’t have time to get out and see friends very often, but I want to provide a special place just for you, where you can grab a cup of tea wherever you are, and sit down for a natter and a recharge now and again.


I want to provide you with a whole raft of resources – tools to help you be more productive and organised to do the things that have to be done more quickly, followed by tools and inspiration to pamper yourself, nourish your soul and make the most of the little pockets of time you can find for yourself.  There will be ebooks, podcasts and videos plus shorter articles, so you can access the information you need in whatever way is easiest for you. Or if nothing else, you can find a friendly ear to bend when you just need to vent a bit.

mums in the middle

My plan at the start is to cover the following broad topics, plus to research and cover any more relevant topics  that may come up in discussion as the group progresses

  • Happiness and how to find it
  • Planning and organisation
  • Time management
  • Decluttering – mental and physical
  • Confidence building
  • Healthy Eating and Fitness
  • Self care and pampering
  • Defining and following your dreams and passions
  • Stress relief and mindfulness

Each month we will have a specific topic and there will be special resources available around that topic, but there will be materials on all the core areas above, so that you can dive in and tackle whichever part of your life you want to, at any time, or just stop for a chat – that’s fine too!


I’m calling this community Mums in the Middle, because that’s who we are, right in the middle of our lives, with the stresses of the world whirling around us.  Mums in the Middle will be a supportive community of friends, a place you can drop into even if you only have 5 minutes of your own, and find refreshment, support and inspiration.


I’m opening the doors to the main group on Monday October 1st – that gives us all a chance to sit back and take stock once the children are back at school – you will probably realise you need this group then!

There will be information and tasters all throughout the month of September for anyone that signs up to the pre-launch list, so you can see exactly what I have in mind before you commit to anything.

September is a time when things change – children start school and nursery, change schools and leave school, and all of the after school activities swap about, so I reckon that a lot of you will be taking stock and looking for a breather around then.  Maybe you will want some productivity tools to help you tame the mayhem and find your sanity – or maybe you will be mourning the fact that your baby has moved on and doesnt need you so much any more….. if so, I’ll be right here for you.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please leave your details here.  I will send you a few little teasers and tasters of what I have planned, as I put the group resources together over the summer. And then when it launches, I will offer you a special launch price, to reward you for your interest and support. And if you decide not to join us when the time comes, you will be able to unsubscribe with no obligation.


Are you with me? Click the text or image below if you would like to learn more

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Mums in the Middle

A little bit about me – and why I feel qualified to share all this with you….

Mum's the Boss

My name is Debbie O’Connor and I have been a blogger since 2010, and a stay at home mum since 2002. If you are interested you can read my full story here….


I am slowly surfacing after a period of nearly four years, where a combination of family issues meant I had to put my own life, ideas and dreams on hold. At the time, I cast aside my blog business and some of my hobbies gladly, and threw myself wholeheartedly into what needed to be done to help my family. I was grateful for the fact that as I worked from home, it was easy for me to voluntarily reduce my work, and I am very glad to have been able to care for my mother in the last few months of her life, and to supprt family members through grief, depression, anxiety and redundancy, but it certainly took its toll.


While I was in the middle of it all, paddling very hard to stay afloat, and trying hard not to lose myself whilst helping others, my absolute saviour was social media.  As I sat by mum’s deathbed for the last few weeks in a lonely heartbreaking vigil, two very special ladies sat alongside me online, who were also in the process of losing somebody special. Those two held me together as the inevitable happened, and I hope that I was able to offer them some support when their own moments came too.


I sought comfort in social media again when family members began to suffer from depression and anxiety. I was able to understand and to help, because I had connected to others in similar circumstances and learned from their experiences. And when my husband was made redundant and spent six months at home, despairing, another community of friends helped me to see the positives and keep my sense of humour.

So I know first hand how wonderful it is to have a community online you can rely on,

when you are all alone at home and sinking under your burden.

During all of this time, my menopause hit me like a brick too (thanks Mother Nature!), and so I have been forced to confront my own ageing, and to realise that if I don’t start to take care of myself then nobody else is going to do it for me. There were quite a few years when I couldn’t see how to do this, because there just wasn’t time for it, and so, like many of us, I just parked it and got on with what needed to be done instead.

mums in the middle

The last part of the puzzle for me is watching my father slip into dementia, after a series of strokes over the last 10 years. This is the final wake up call for me – I need to start looking after myself and I need to do it now, otherwise that is the future I’m looking at..


Over the last six months I have really been working on myself. I am cleaning up my diet, and taking more exercise. I am taking time to de-stress and have taken up my hobbies again. More recently I have been working on routines and productivity, so that I can carve out a bit more time for me in the day. And slowly but surely I am re-emerging from a fog which has been around for just too long.

As I return to my much neglected blog, I realise that my focus has changed somewhat.  I don’t just want to write about how stay at home mums run businesses any more.  I want to write about how mums stay afloat and balance it all, whether that is work, staying at home, parenting, relationships  or whatever. I want to cover healthy eating, stress reduction, productivity, confidence building and all the things that i am now doing to look after me.


I can tell you the hints , tips and new habits that have worked for me and hopefully set in motion discussions in our Facebook group where you can help and support each other as well.


So, as the caring mum that I am, I’m sharing the caring around.  I’m going to care for me and I’m going to care for you too. I’ll support you, and I hope that you will support me and support each other in a very special mums community.

mums in the middle