They say that slow and steady wins the race. But when you relate that to your home-based business, it can be one of the most infuriating things that you will ever hear.


Of course, your home based business will get to where you want it to be eventually if you keep slogging at it; the only reason that you wouldn’t is if you give up.

But when you’re a mum, working from home, and trying to raise kids at the same time, the struggle (or juggle as it should be more appropriately named) is real. You want your business to thrive so that you as a family can thrive too. So here are some steps to help you boost your home-based business, so that the pressure is off you just a little bit.

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Expand the Products or Range of your Home Based Business

One of the most straightforward ways to grow your business it is to expand the range of products or services that you offer, and offer each customer more opportunities to spend money with you.

If your business is online based, then what else could you offer clients? Perhaps copywriting or social media management, as well as what you are already doing. A cleaning business could expand to offer more things like oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, or laundry services. If you have gone down the network marketing route, then could you offer e-courses or eBooks for people to buy and learn from, as well as the products that you have on offer? When you expand what you offer, you are opening up your income potential as you could tap into a whole new customer base.


Expand the Range of your Marketing

Look at how you are marketing your business currently. Is it mainly word of mouth?  Do you offer your customers an incentive to recommend you to their friends?

Do you have a website or blog and if not, do you thik that other people in your industry might have one and it might be a good idea to get your business in front of more people? Also do you currently use social media to advertise?  If you do, which ones and are your promotional efforts converting into sales and business for you?

A few hours spent learning the basics of digital marketing can definitely inject life into a home based business.  Digital marketing techniques change all the time and maybe you need to mix things up a bit in order to start growing again



Maybe you enjoy working from home, but you have lost your passion for whatever business you have chosen to do. The spark has gone out of it, and you don’t feel inspired to push it any more.  Thsi will come out very clearly in your communications with potential customers and may be what is causing your lack of growth.

If that sounds like you , then perhaps it is time to re-train to take your business down a whole new avenue. So going back to school or studying online could be just what you need to do. You could also just look to train, or retrain in some areas that will really be beneficial to you and your business. Take something like an accountancy or bookkeeping course. This can not only help you in your home based business, but it does help to expand what you offer, as you could look to do something like bookkeeping for other people too. Getting yourself on a training course could be just what you need to take things to the next level. While it might be busy at the time, running one business while studying the skills for another, the course won’t last forever and you could find yourself re-invigorated.

I’ve recently signed up to do a course in Infusionsoft CRM software.  It’s someting that I use currently with one of my VA clients, but I want to learn how to use it better so I can be more efficient in what I do for that client and free up time for myself and my own projects..

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Avoid Burnout By Getting Help

If you’ve been doing it alone for a while now, then it is no surprise that you’re feeling overwhelmed and constantly on the go. While it can save you money to do it all yourself, it can take up so much valuable time, especially the time that could be spent doing the things that will really help to grow your business. So with that in mind, it is a good idea to get some help, in the form of an assistant or a virtual assistant.

They could help with orders, admin, social media, and emails. If you have teenage children, they could always get involved too. You don’t have to hire someone full-time, unless you can and need to, but just a couple of hours a week can give you back so much time.

Alternatively you could look to outsource some of the domestic tasks too.  For me the money I spend on having my cleaning and laundry done for us each week, is the most wonderful gift that I give myself.  WHile my house is being cleaned i am free to do what I truly enjoy, and that is definitely good for us all.


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