The kids are finally back at school – so mums can go back to blogging, and it’s time to relaunch the Blogging Mums Club – a free Facebook group that supports all parenting bloggers wherever they are.

March 8th 2021 – a day when many parents breathed a huge sigh of relief – most of the children have gone back to school, and we can hopefully start to rediscover something like normality again. 

I don’t know how the last few months have been for you but it has been pretty full-on here. I took on a supposedly part-time job in September, but it ended up being substantially more hours than they were prepared to pay me, and it certainly did not allow me to have side hustles like blogging, nor to spend enough time with my family.

Thankfully my children are older so I wasn’t actively teaching them at home (seriously mums, I do not know how you have coped!), but their needs and the needs of my work from home hubby took up all of the time that I wasn’t working.

Me time? Hobbies? Out the window, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in this.

I decided at Christmas that this life wasn’t for me, gave my notice and finished my job at the end of February. So now it’s time to revamp Mums the Boss and to revisit my lovely Blogging Mums Club group on Facebook.

I have been woefully absent from this group for almost a year now – but I was very happy to discover that there is still a lovely community of mum bloggers there who have happily trundled along without me. Not only that, but when I did a brief survey of the members, a good few of them told me to they were planning to restart or revamp their blog just as soon as the children went back to school. So the timing is perfect, we’re all going to dust our blogs down and restart together, supporting each other as we grow.

What is the Blogging Mums Club?

I first started the Blogging Mums Club group on Facebook in 2011, not long after I started blogging. My original thought was to have a small commenting circle where we could share our blog posts and comment on each other’s, thus boosting each other and helping each other grow. That’s still one of the main aims of the group, although it now has over 5,000 members, so not just a small commenting circle any more. 

Facebook tells me that just over 1,000 of those members are still active in the group but I plan to track down the other 4,000, and to gently persuade the lurkers to come and join in actively with the fun. It’s a great big supportive happy blogging family, and I hope that I can build the group back up again and support you all with your blogging endeavours.

start a blog today

If you are thinking about starting a blog, or revamping an old one, this is the perfect time. Please come and join us as so many members come out of hibernation, dust our old blogs down and get them back into shape. While you are there, get some inspiration from the amazing group of women who carried on with fabulous blogs throughout the lockdown period. I don’t know how you did it ladies, but I salute you!

So what am I planning with the relaunch?

We have a lovely mix of new and established bloggers in the group. Many are just starting up and maybe need advice with that, others want technical advice, social media tips, or just somewhere where they can get some inspiration. So I’m planning a whole load of things – maybe not all at once, but hopefully rolling them out over a period of time.

These are my thoughts so far, although I also plan to listen to the members and make changes accordingly as we go along.

  1. First priority – I’m going to get more active in the group and to encourage the other members to return. To get people posting and commenting again, asking and answering questions, sharing their own blog posts and reading, sharing and commenting on the others.
  2. I want to encourage the group to work together on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Pinterest to support and uplift each other. This may include commenting and social media sharing threads, but I have some other ideas too.
  3. I plan to share some good and useful blogging and social media tips and encourage some blogging experts to come and share their knowledge with the group too. I will also share links for the most useful blogging tools that people recommend, and/or that I have tried myself
  4. Over lockdown one thing I have done is upgraded my design skills, and I really enjoy doing this. So I want to produce some resources – planners, social media templates and the like,
  5. I want to bring some bloggers into the spotlight – we have some fabulous contributors in our group and I want to make sure their work gets the attention it deserves. I plan to do a series of blogger interviews featuring group members to inspire others and to reward the regular contributing group members with some attention.
relaunching the Blogging Mums Club

I don’t know exactly where this is going yet, but I could be tempted to run another blogging conference in the Autumn like I did a couple of years ago – or maybe some blog awards? I also thought maybe about running some blogger networking sessions on Zoom… ? We will see what happens, and ultimately what you all want

But let’s get things started first and see how they develop. The first step is to encourage the old members to start contributing again and to encourage new mum bloggers to come and join us. It’s totally free to join – all you have to do is answer the membership questions with answers that show you have at least an interest in blogging. So please come and join us on Facebook.

I’m very excited to be relaunching the Blogging Mums Club at the same time as I relaunch Mums the Boss. I want to learn and practice the latest blogging techniques – share them with you and show that they work. I also want to watch the members grow and thrive and make friends.

I hope that you will join me for the next chapter…

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