Blogging is an excellent way to reach out to your audience and build a strong relationship with them. You can use your business blog as a place for your customers and prospects to come back time and again, get updated on everything happening in your space, find new product reviews, hints, tips, ideas and recipes, or even locate upcoming events!

The content is a very important part of your blog, but there are a few other things you need to think about too, to make your blog more attractive and informative to your readers.

#1 “About Me” section

Every blogger should have an “about me” section that describes who you are, what you like to blog about, who your audience would be, and why someone should read it – here’s mine if you are interested!. This could include information on where you’re from, how long you’ve been blogging for, any awards or accolades that you have received along the way, etc. If more than one person is operating the blog, you can even have a meet the team section where everyone can introduce themselves.

This will show readers that there’s a real person behind the blog and business with actual content they can get excited about! It also shows them exactly what kind of people might enjoy reading the blog, so they know whether or not it’s something they want to keep up with in the future too.

The information included here doesn’t need to be super formal; even just having fun facts listed out makes your page feel more attractive than one without any personal info at all!

#2 Categories

Categories are another way to show readers what your blog is all about, so it’s important that you consistently use them. Choose around six main topics that will represent most of what goes on within your blog and stick with those at all times, too. This also helps people find your older posts in the area that they are most interested in.

Some bloggers like to use tags on their posts as well, so further subdivide the posts into groups and link up related content. There seems to be disagreement in the blogging community as to whether tags give any real benefit to the site, and I personally choose not to use them, but some people do seem to find an advantage to them.

Bloggers and business owners should always include links on every post. there are several good reasons for this. The main reason is the SEO benefit – Google very much likes to see that people are coming to your site, staying on it, and reading several pages per visit. This will definitely boost your rankings, so if you can link to related articles on your site with the hope that people will stay and read more after seeing your article, this is a very good thing.

Social media links are also a good thing – maybe not on every post but regularly peppered throughout your content. Links to follow you on the channels where you like to post are a very good idea and help people to get to know you better. Links that the readers can use to share your posts on their own social media channels are also a great idea.

In terms of links though you should have at least one prominent Call to Action link towards the end of every post. What do you want people to do after they have read this article – should they share it on social media? Should they read sometuing else? Should they come and look at the product that you have described in the article. Should they give you their email address and join your mailing list? Each post should make it clear which one of those things you want them to do – mix it up between the posts.

#4 Compelling visuals

Blog posts should always be written for humans first and search engines second. One way to make sure this is the case (and keep readers coming back again and again) is by presenting interesting visuals! Adding images will help break up large blocks of text, so they don’t seem daunting to read, but they also show off your personality more than just using plain text does too. 

You can use any type of image you like as long as it’s relevant to what you’re writing about. Posts with images are much more compelling – breaking things up with a splash of colour will bring a smile to your reader’s face. It’s much more exciting than just reading a boring piece of text. You can also spice up your blog posts with videos, infographics, slideshows and other things.

One of the main purposes of a blog is to bring a little bit of your personality to the reader and show them what you can do. Adding these extras on top of your written articles will help your blog to stand out.

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