The 10th wedding anniversary is one of the biggest milestones in any marriage. Traditionally, tin or aluminium is used to celebrate ten years as a symbol of durability and longevity. However, modern day gifting utilises the diamond as a symbol of strength and permanence.  Such a large milestone should be celebrated in style and – luckily for you – we have the best 10th anniversary gifts for couples, to give you some fabulous ideas for a couple you love, or for your own other half.


As well as diamonds being the flashier theme for ten years, the colour silver represents 10 years of marriage. This means there are countless options when it comes to jewellery. If you want something more luxurious than the silver metal, look for white gold, platinum, or palladium.

Perhaps your partner would like a diamond necklace or a fancy pair of diamond earrings. Diamonds are very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down, with diamond stud earrings being the perfect example of a day-to-night piece of jewellery. Whether you’re going for casual or formal, diamond jewellery makes a beautiful statement of your unending love for your partner.

For those who prefer more masculine jewellery options, diamond cufflinks, brooches, and tie pins are a great avenue to explore. Antique jewellery is especially romantic, having a history to it that makes for an excellent anniversary gift.


A classic gift for either sex, a watch is a great traditional gift to mark a special occasion. Silver watches are easy to come by and adding diamonds or diamantes is a brilliant way to add some extra pizazz to the theme. Watches are also the perfect gift to symbolise the time that has passed and the precious ten years you have spent together. Take it one step further and add a personalised message to really make it special.

Another good thing about giving a watch as a gift is that it doesn’t matter if they already have a watch, watches are always a good gift choice. Starting your partners watch collection on your tenth wedding anniversary is a great way of encouraging both of you to look forward to your future together.

Eternity Rings and Ring Upgrades

Typically, a ten-year anniversary is the most popular time for eternity rings to be purchased to show that you have passed the first decade milestone and you’re ready to be together for eternity. Treat yourself and your partner to a silver diamond eternity ring to really show your love for each other.

Alongside eternity rings, the ten-year mark is also a very popular time to update those ten-year-old wedding rings and engagement rings. Perhaps you want a change of style, or maybe you are both in a more financially secure place than you were ten years ago, or maybe you just want to display your love and affection by treating your other half to a new symbol of commitment. Either way, upgrading your rings to a flashy and durable diamond ring is a perfect way to mark those ten special years.

Daffodils are the 10th anniversary flower. A good way to match all the themes of ten years is to invest in a daffodil brooch or pin. These also make a brilliant gift for either sex and are an easy way to add sparkle to any outfit.

Pins and brooches are also a good gift for people who are looking for something other than the traditional necklace or ring gift and adding the daffodil flower is a good choice to still keep the ten-year theme. This would also be an ideal way of adding some colour to your gift if sticking with just diamonds and/or silver is not your style. You could also consider purchasing a diamond-studded tie pin or a pair of cufflinks to add some sparkle to a formal outfit or to jazz up that work attire.


If jewellery isn’t sparking your interest, consider drinkware. Perhaps you want to mark the special occasion with a celebration. Maybe you have a party planned or a romantic night in with your spouse. Maybe you want to treat your favourite couple to something they will be able to use and display in their home.

Drinkware is a perfect way to show off that silver theme with fancy silverware goblets or etched crystal or glass tumblers. You can even involve personalisation and go for the marriage date or names or initials. You could even opt for a fancy decanter or a cocktail shaker if hosting or making drinks is their/your thing. There are so many choices in this direction!

Second Honeymoon/Romantic Getaway

As ten years is a huge milestone in a marriage, some couples opt for a second honeymoon or a special getaway as their mark of celebration. Consider visiting a daffodil farm in Amsterdam, revisit that special place you went for your honeymoon, or decide to celebrate somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. You could go one step further and consider the increasingly popular experience days. Perhaps you want to try a wine tasting event? Afternoon tea for two? Tour a brewery or indulge in a cocktail making session for two. Maybe you want to activate the daredevil in you and try couple’s bungie jumping or sky diving. An experience day is a perfect gift for couples who are adventurous and like to try new things.

Another option to choose is to buy professional photography, photo frames or even art prints of the special day. You can mark your getaway, second honeymoon, experience day or even the original special day with a fancy photo frame or print. This is a perfect way to capture memories and add in that silver theme too.


Silverware is always a special gift – and why not splash out on a keepsake for the special ten years? You could include personalisation and get it engraved with your wedding date. A silver frame or a special anniversary plate are good choices, marking the ten wonderful years you have spent together.

You could consider a silver model to add a unique touch to that home décor, or an antique jewellery box would make a beautiful keepsake to mark the special occasion and store your jewels for the years to come. A silver vase to hold those daffodils you bought to mark the occasion – and any special occasions to come – would make a great gift. Treat your special people to a silver keepsake to show them how much you love them.

Your tenth wedding anniversary is a very special time – make sure you treat it that way! Which gift would you most like to give or receive on your anniversary?

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