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Feedback from women who have attended Stephanie’s Motivating Mum events:

“As a mum starting out with a new business it has been quite a daunting and lonely task at times but with a networking group like Motivating Mum it certainly helps meeting supportive, understanding women who either are or have been in a similar situation.

The fact there is the option to bring your children is such a unique idea and one that certainly appeals to those who would like to network with like-minded women but have childcare issues.

I look forward to the future events that are all diverse in content however the same thing remains; supportive and inspiring women!”


Sanchia from Aronberg Training


“Stephanie, through Motivating Mum, provides a thoroughly supportive environment not just for mums in business, but for all women with business of all shapes and sizes.  If you are a start-up or have an established business there will be something there for you.

The attention to detail Stephanie provides is fantastic with each meeting providing an opportunity to learn and to network with other women in a variety of welcoming surroundings. Thank you Stephanie for all your hard work in providing such motivating and supportive meetings.”


Alison from Nutritional Health Solutions