Are you a mum trying to set up a new business, or grow an existing business, around the demands of a family?

You've come to the right place!

Mum's the Boss (and sister site Motivating Mum) provide online support and inspiration, training, mentoring and a healthy dose of friendship and fun. Working from home and juggling business with family can be a lonely job sometimes, so we are here to give you a virtual watercooler break...

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  • Five Steps to a Successful Direct Selling Party

    The Direct Selling Association (DSA) recently announced that direct selling parties have grown at a rate of 150% in the UK since 2009. This statistic is indicative of the growing popularity of the Direct Selling Industry...

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  • New Younique Presenter kit for 2015

    Many of you will know (because I keep banging on about it) that I signed up as a Younique presenter in October, when Younique came to the UK.  I received a lovely Presenter kit...

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  • Encourage Your Employees to Get On Their Bike

    A growing and welcome trend is emerging across much of the developed world, in which more and more people are taking up cycling, not only for leisure, but also as a valid means of transport....


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  • " Running a business on your own can be quite lonely and I have found being a Mother with a small baby is extremely challenging. Being able to come to Mums the Boss meetings and sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience has stopped me from feeling so isolated and provided me with motivation to keep striving! " by Gemma Windle

  • " Mum’s The Boss hold regular mums networking meetings to support busy mums in their battle to balance their home life and their business ventures. Talking to other women in a similar situation helps you to understand that you’re not alone in the every day problems you come across. You can give advice on how you deal with things, and pick up tips on how to do things better. Sharing your ideas and experiences is a great way of learning from each other. Mum’s The Boss also have expert speakers to guide you through marketing, accounting, and a host of other topics relevant to a busy working mum. The benefit of having a network of other people behind you is that you always have someone to turn to when times are hard, then in turn, pass on your experience to others travelling the same path. " by Suzi O'Neill

  • " Not only are Wendy and Elaine who run Mum's The Boss South Yorkshire extremely friendly, welcoming and proactive, so are all the members who support one another's businesses. I would recommend anyone out there in South Yorkshire who is maybe a mum with her own business, or like me someone whose business targets mums to join this great mums networking group. On a side note, I have also encountered Wendy in her role as a Utility Warehouse Distributor. I found her to be extremely knowledgable about the products on offer, and her customer service is second to none. " by Emma A

  • " Being a member of Mum’s The Boss has been rewarding on many levels. Obviously, there’s the high calibre of guest speaker each month and the chance to meet friendly, like-minded business-women in excellent venues with mouth-watering home-made treats on tap. But more than that, I have seen tangible business results: I’ve secured lucrative new business wins; built a trusted and quality network of experts and service providers who I call upon and give business to regularly, and had the opportunity to promote my business to people I might not usually be able to reach out to. The very reasonable membership has paid for itself many times over and I look forward to many more years of networking with Mum’s The Boss. " by Lesley Singleton, LS Media Ltd

  • " Quite simply, I don’t know where I would be if it were not for Mum’s the Boss. When I first set up my own business 3 years ago, I hadn’t got a clue what to do about attracting clients, or what social media was. Mum’s the Boss have transformed me and my business, by taking me on a fascinating journey through the world of Twitter, blogs and countless other helpful topics, which helped me with the direction and growth of my business. I started out with just a handful of clients and under £10k profit. I am now running at over 100 clients, and will probably hit the VAT threshold of £73k in the next couple of months. There is no other networking group out there that can match it. " by Amy Taylor, Amy Taylor Accounting

  • " I took a complete career change after having my son and set up working for myself as an interior designer. I was lucky enough to secure some fixed term contracts that filled up the time until I had my second child – but this time it's for real and an organisation like yours is exactly what I need! " by Sarah B – Ivy House Interiors

  • " Finding out about Mums The Boss has made me feel that it's OK to be focused on achieving your business dream but also incorporate your little ones within that. Everyone I have met at the meetings are non-judgemental women who I feel very supported by and I leave each monthly meeting feeling very empowered and proud to be a working mum!! " by Donna D – Tummies To Tantrums

  • " Business can seem so serious and male, which could be quite intimidating and alienating for women with no business experience. I think that having an approachable, positive female image is really refreshing. " by Helen L - Business Plus Baby