twitter egg Social Media tips: Are you a Twitter Egg? -

Have you noticed the dozens and dozens of colourful eggs on Social Media today? Time after time when you visit Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, there are eggs. There are spamming eggs, well-known eggs and eggs that really should not be eggs! It’s official, there are good and bad eggs. The time has come to put all these Twitter eggs in one basket; actually no let’s put them in a frying pan and cook them up!

blog posts Six free ways to add sparkle to your blog posts -

Following on from my tips to create perfect blog posts last week, here are some tools to help you add a bit of pzazz to each post.

How to write the perfect blog post and save time blogging How to write the perfect blog post -

This year I want to blog more consistently, so I have looked at my most successful blog posts, to try and establish some rules for how to write the perfect blog post

holiday cottage Win a three night stay at Meridies Holiday Cottage, Mudeford -

So, Christmas is over, the kids are going back to school and the decorations are going back into their boxes for another year.  Time to start thinking about summer holidays, and what better than a lovely holiday cottage by the sea? Scroll down to the bottom to win a 3 night stay in a beautiful part of the world…

Merlin Annual Pass January Sale 2017 -

The Merlin Annual Pass January Sale 2017 starts today and runs until midnight GMT on 13th February.  To get your pass you can go straight to or read on for some more information about the sale

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