make your hobby pay How to Make your Hobby Pay for Itself in 2016 -

January is typically a time for people to take up a new challenge or to focus on a hobby that they’ve always promised to devote more time to. But as we move into February, what if you could make your hobby pay for itself too?

2015-12-31 10.23.01 My Garden Makeover and Home Gym project is complete -

I wrote in December about my garden makeover project.  At that point the garden was just about completed, but the “home gym” was still very much a work in progress.  I think there are quite a few of the family (certainly both children and even me at times) who believed that we would never get ourselves together and finish this. But it is finally done.

IMG_0271 Review of Epson ET-4550 Printer -

I received an Epson ET 4550 Eco-Tank printer to review.

I run a small business from home and also have two secondary age children.  They both have lots of project work and things they want to print – we also regularly print out photos for sending to relatives, and I enjoy papercrafts and cardmaking and quite often print out fully coloured A4 sheets, and full sized photo images. So I need a workhorse of a printer.

Willpower 4 Ways To Boost Your Willpower -

Willpower is something that we all need and seems to be lacking at this time of year. Two weeks into January and the resolutions are starting to crumble.  The first cold days have come and suddenly that urge to go running or go to the gym is not as strong as it was last week. Comfort food is calling, and some of the old bad habits can start to sneak back in, just for a day at first, and then…..

David Bowie For David Bowie and Allen Morgan -

I don’t normally do celebrity obituary posts.

The main reason is that for the most part that celebrities don’t really play any big part in my life – very few of them really touch my heart or move me.  So it seems a bit crass to be pouring out my heart about them.  I’ll save my grieving for the people that really matter to me and not join in with the publicity seekers.

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