shutterstock_153353048 The dreaded blog audit -

This post is about the day when I received the notification from Google that every blogger dreads, and what I found when I completed a total blog audit of Mum’s the Boss.

Motivating Mum UK Motivating Mum UK website has merged with Mum’s the Boss -

A couple of months ago I made the big decision to merge my two websites, Motivating Mum UK and Mum’s the Boss. The merger took place on 21st September 2016, and all links from Motivating Mum UK are now pointing to Mum’s the Boss.

Finding Dory Finding Dory at the National Sea Life Centre -

The National Sea Life Centre is finding Dory is not the only one who can be a little forgetful!

rainbow smoothie Rainbow smoothie breakfast drink -

I posted a couple of days ago about enjoying a healthy breakfast – one of the new habits I am trying to build in September. ┬áThis Rainbow Smoothie is one of my healthy breakfast options

first day of school 5 tips for surviving the first day of school -

The end of the holidays is finally here….and this coming week sees the start of school for thousands of children across the country . So here are some tips to make their first day of school go smoothly – and to help avoid any tears (for you and your child)!

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