The absolute best advertisement for your business is a satisfied customer. Testimonials speak volumes more about your reputation and your success than any advert, flyer or brochure. And the easiest way to have happy customers is to give excellent customer service.

Mumpreneur Wendy Shand of recently won the Cisco Customer Kings award, for being a company who “treat their clientele like gold, but have also come up with innovative, creative and brilliant ways of making their patrons love their businesss”. So we asked Wendy if she could give us some customer service tips for small businesses.

customer service

Wendy Shand

“Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you can’t give service that delights your customers,” says Wendy, “And you don’t need a huge customer service department either. Just follow these simple steps”:

1.   Identify exactly who your target market is – what type of lifestyle do they have?  Where do they live? What do they like doing/drink/eat/no. of kids/car they drive etc

2.   Phone a sample of your database and do a detailed interview and ASK your customers what they think, what they would like you to do that you don’t do already, where could you do better, what they like

3.   Send out feedback forms or use survey monkey to survey your customers, and ACT on the feedback

4.   Take your idea to its logical conclusion – don’t just settle for token gestures, do it properly. For example, we provide family friendly holiday accommodation, so we don’t just provide a cot. We go the whole hog and provide everything parents need.

5.   Dare to be different: Be courageous and innovative – stand out from your competitors by doing something differently

What do you do for your customers that goes above and beyond their expectations? What is the best testimonial you have ever received? We’d love to hear about your customer service success stories.

customer service

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