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Make It Your Business – The Ultimate Business Start-Up Guide For Women covers all aspects of starting a business, from time management, branding and PR to management, leadership and developing your business. It also includes issues specific to women, such as finding the right childcare and why women and men often have different reasons for starting a business. Plus it has an interesting chapter at the end covering the ‘Bigger Picture’  including women’s entrepreneurship around the world and what governments, banks and educators should do to encourage more women into business.

The book starts by saying ‘that the majority of self-employment books to be found on the shelves today are written by men, for men, about men and when we were looking for help and inspiration, they could easily have put us off’. This book aims to go beyond the facts and figures of starting a business and look at what it’s like to be a woman business owner, the barriers you might encounter and how to do it without sacrificing other aspects of your life.

One minor criticism of the book is that the legal and financial aspects of business were covered in one chapter, ‘Business Basics’. The authors start the chapter by saying that this, understandably, might have been the section of other business manuals that ‘put you off’. I felt they could have addressed this by giving more attention to this crucial area, rather than trying not to scare off readers. A business has to have a solid financial foundation before all of the other aspects can be built on top and this is easily overlooked by people who are new to business.

Make it your business achieves the tricky balance of talking from a woman’s point of view, but without ‘man bashing’ or being  patronising. I liked the authors’ positive and empowering yet realistic approach.

If you are a woman thinking of starting a business, this would be a great introduction as it covers everything you’d need to consider. However, it covers a huge range of subjects and so can’t cover them in depth. This could actually be an advantage, as too much information too early could be overwhelming. As Nicola Horlick says on the back cover, Make it Your Business is ‘a comprehensive introductory tool for any woman looking to take the first step in establishing her own business’.

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