We are delighted to introduce you to Debbie O’Connor, who will be taking over ownership of MTB from 10th September. We were thrilled when Debbie expressed an interest in MTB because it was immediately apparent that she completely understood our principles and our ethos, and had a very similar vision to us of MTB’s potential. We are really happy to be passing our ‘baby’ into such a safe pair of hands and are excited to watch from the sidelines to see how MTB grows and develops under Debbie’s leadership. 

Debbie O'Connor

Hi, my name is Debbie O’Connor, and I feel really proud that Sam and Helen have chosen me to take their wonderful business  forward, while they move on to pastures new. I first met Sam and Helen at Cybermummy in 2011. That year I felt like a complete newbie and I was completely awed by them and what they had achieved, so I feel amazed and happy that they consider me worthy to take on this giant project.

Many of you will know me already from Motivating Mum, a website which is very similar in content and scope to Mums the Boss. I took over Motivating Mum in the UK in September  2010, as its founder, Alli Price was emigrating back to her native Australia. So I do have some experience in taking over and running with businesses – Alli and I are still good friends two years later, so I can’t have done too badly.

Originally an accountant, I’ve been working from home in various guises since I was pregnant with my eldest child, who is now 9. If you want to know a bit more about my back story you can read about it here.

You will see from all this that I am in a very good position to provide support and advice for mums running businesses and those who are thinking of starting up.  Indeed I’ve been doing just that for the last two years (and running my own little businesses too) and hope to continue for a long time to come.

So what is my vision for Mums the Boss/Motivating Mum?  Well to start off with I hope it will be business as usual, with readers of each site and event organisers and participants getting exactly what they are used to.  However once I’ve had a chance to get my bearings, I hope to bring out the best parts of both businesses and knit them together into one great big amazing organisation which everyone will benefit from.

I want to  transform these two great websites from two medium sized mum businesses into one very sizeable organisation, which will bring greater exposure and benefits for everyone.

I intend to continue and expand the Mums the Boss membership scheme, and maybe negotiate discounts and benefits for members as it expands.

I will also continue and expand the Motivating Mum guru and mentoring schemes, so that those mums who have experience in various disciplines  can have a platform to pass on what they know and raise their profile in our community, and those who are starting up can benefit from their expertise.

Franchisees (MM) and Group Leaders (MTB) will see a few small changes, as I begin to give the benefits of each to the other. The Motivating Mum franchisee Facebook page will come alight as we all get to know each other and start to swap ideas. Once I have the package complete with the best bits from both deals, I hope that we will welcome many new leaders, so this will become a huge national mums networking organisation.

It’s going to take me a bit of time to get to grips with everything, but I hope you will all bear with me and help where you can.  My aim is to make Motivating Mum/Mums the Boss an enormous, nationally recognised and thoroughly successful mums support and networking group, that we will all be very proud to be associated with.

Please note that I do not have two heads.  You can read that either way. In one way it means I am not some kind of marauding monster – I’d love to chat to you all and welcome comments and feedback on what I am doing. You can contact me with any feedback or concerns at debbie@motivatingmum.co.uk.

But also, in another reading of the same sentence, there is only me at the centre, and I am running several other businesses at the same time.  I will do my best to follow in the amazing footsteps of Sam and Helen, but it may take a bit of time to find my way around, especially at first, so please bear with me.

I look forward to meeting you all online and in person very soon,

Debbie x

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