Mum’s The Boss has been many things to many people over the years – but one consistent theme and founding pillar has always been cake! So it seemed only right and proper that when it came time to pass MTB on to its new owner that we should meet up and do the deal over tea and cake.


The date was last Tuesday – 11th September 2012. This was a very significant date – as it was also the 4 year anniversary of the first ever Mum’s The Boss meeting. A happy co-incidence? Maybe, but we also had a very significant phone call with Debbie about the sale of Mum’s The Boss on July 17 th – which was also the date 4 years earlier that Sam + I met – with 4 other ladies – in a coffee shop in Bedford to discuss whether we should go head and arrange something.

So maybe it really was written in the stars, fate, Divine intervention, the way of the Universe – whichever way you like to think of these things. For us it has been an added level of reassurance that this is the right person at the right time to take MTB forward and give it some new life and direction.


As with any celebration, bubbles were necessary so after tea and cake we went upstairs to sign contracts and then celebrate in style at the champagne bar. I think we were all very impressed with the button on the table – and I personally will be adding that to my vision board!!


When we had arranged to meet Debbie at St. Pancras International it was purely as a place of convenience but as I sat with my champagne in my hand the more appropriate it seemed; how many other journeys had begun and ended under this vast and impressive roof. And so it is as our journey with MTB ends, so Debbie’s begins. We wish her well – and are sure she will do great things. Thank you again to everybody who came with us on our journey and I hope you continue to support Debbie and MTB on the next stage.

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