There are certain times of your life where this is more so than others!  Unfortunately I seem to have to make mistakes to learn, and even more unfortunately you often have to watch your children make predictable mistakes in order for them to also learn the lesson.  At present these mistakes tend to follow the theme of:

‘Someone will get hurt’
‘You will lose it’
‘Not a good idea’

A cuddle, plaster and/or a sweet hopefully are all that is needed to fix these types of problems and there are not more serious consequences.

In order to learn, decisions have to be made and these choices will become more serious as my children grow.  I also know myself that I am more likely to do the opposite to what I have been ‘told’ especially, by a parent!  I hope in the heat of the moment, when under stress I can remain calm and offer advice and not dictate my view.

There are certain mistakes we have made that I do not want my children to experience and hope that I will be able to teach them to be able to research before making a decision.  We are lucky to have information at our fingertips at any time of the day or night via the internet.  We can look at the information available, compare and make an informed choice.

We aim to prepare children for the big wide world and give them confidence to make their own way, but there are some things in life that happen, the things you dread and don’t want to happen. In this instance we can at least have a plan in an attempt to ease the stress and know our family will have some security.  Life insurance and critical illness insurance are there to cover, protect and give peace of mind whilst we continue up the learning mountain!


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