As a busy working woman with kids to look after, it can be hard to find time for love and romance. It’s important to get a healthy balance between work, kids and love, as you need to make sure you are doing things that make you happy, as well as taking care of other people in your life. This article looks at ways to create a healthy lifestyle balance, as well as suggesting new and practical ways to meet someone.

Getting a healthy balance

When you spend all day working on important projects, and the rest of the time running around after your children, you can feel like you never have any time for yourself – let alone for meeting someone new! The key to finding a healthy balance in life is to make the most of your time. Use the same strategies you have at work, such as organising, planning and goal-setting, to sort out your personal life.

Combine your work and home diaries and try to arrange for your kids to be doing activities or visiting friends at the same time, so that you know you can have an allotted section of ‘me’ time every week.

Sit down and think about what you want to change in your life and put strategies in place to help achieve your goals. Prepare meals in advance, or get a babysitter in one evening a week, so that you can free up some time for yourself to do something that makes you feel happy and good about yourself.

Taking the plunge with an office romance

If you spend a lot of time at work, the office could be the easiest place to find romance. If you’re worried about any awkwardness arising if things don’t work out, try and date someone who works in a different department. A lot of people meet their future spouses in the office because of spending so much time there, and sharing common ambitions and interests.

You want to protect your job, so make sure you keep it professional and don’t indulge in PDAs at work! But, if you’re on the same  schedule, you can easily sneak out for a cheeky kiss during your coffee break or a romantic lunch date.


Meeting someone through a shared hobby

If you’ve decided to make some time for yourself, one of the best ways to feel happier about yourself is to take up that hobby you always wanted to do. Not only will this make you a more well- rounded and interesting person, it will also give you the chance to meet someone who shares your passion.

Instead of spending time in bars and clubs chatting to random people on the off-chance you’ll share things in common, meeting someone this way will prove much more successful in finding like- minded people. Just make sure you’re honest and take up something you’re genuinely interested in, rather than doing something because you think there’ll be hot guys there! You don’t want to make yourself miserable by struggling through something you hate.

Meeting people online

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to meet people when you have a busy schedule is through an online dating site. You can set up your profile in the evenings from the comfort of your home and search for and meet singles for free.

When you’ve found someone you like, you can exchange emails while you’re at work. And you can get to know them slowly, so that you’re sure you share some interests before you go through the hassle of finding time to meet up in person.

As a busy working mum you need to make sure you find time for yourself. Start organising your home schedule like your organise your work schedule and make sure you stick to any plans you create for yourself.



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