I am beginning to think the personality is being sucked out of business. Why? Because everywhere I turn online, I’m stumbling across businesses that are nothing more than clones of each other. People are following the ‘How to market your business online’ advice to the letter and all coming up with……pretty much the same thing.


The squeeze page, the thousand calls to action, the million testimonials, the great long page of You MUST do this and Sign Up NOW, the extensive lists of features and benefits, the fear of loss, all the reasons why you MUSTN’T miss this once in a lifetime, never to be repeated, early bird offer [I’m getting RSI in my finger as I scroll down and down and down this never-ending page]. And then FINALLY, right at the end, once I’ve been blinded by facts and figures and ‘the science bit’ – the PRICE. Then there are the e-books and webinars, e-courses and tele-seminars (jeez, this is turning into a poem!). Am I the only person that finds this all a bit, well, monotonous? Does anyone ever get to the end of one of these pages and actually BUY what’s on offer? I never have.

Now for many of you reading this, I too am just some mysterious online person. For all you know I may really be a balding man called Barry. But for quite a lot of others (I hope) I am also a living, breathing, actual real person. And if you do know me, you’ll know that I don’t really like towing the party line and I can be a bit – um, mischievous.

And I really, really hope that some of that personality comes across in this website, my tweets and when you meet me at networking meetings or conferences. But I also worry that, because I steer away from these tried and tested methods of promotion, I might never make my fortune after all.

How important do you think ‘personality’ is in business? Does your brand have personality? Do you need it to succeed or is it just the icing on the entrepreneurial cake?

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