Personalisation can be a powerful marketing tool and is especially effective for small businesses. Revealing the person behind the business enables potential customers to connect with you, get in touch, work with you, trust you and come back to you time and again. So how can you personalise your business?

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with businesses where it is near impossible to get through to a human being on the phone. Think about the companies you purchase products from – do you always buy from the cheapest retailer? Or do you choose to buy from a company that offers the best customer service; the longest guarantee; or the speediest delivery? How about services : how do you select which company to buy from? For example, how did you select your accountant? Were they the cheapest? Or were they recommended by someone for doing a fantastic job and being trustworthy?

Consider other areas where personalisation is important – a made-to-measure suit; personalised baby t-shirts as baby shower gifts; a signed copy of a book by your favourite author. Personalisation can make something ordinary become very special and make it stand out from the crowd.

Personalising your business is not difficult – here are five quick ways to give your business personality:

  1. Update Your Profiles: Your profile pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter should all be up to date and have a recent photo of you. Sounds basic but make a habit of checking these monthly to make sure they have the most recent information about you.
  1. Create an Email Signature: An annoying trend I’ve noticed recently is that people working for big companies don’t put a direct dial or mobile number on their email signature. Sometimes it is so much easier to ring someone than type out an email – if your customers can’t immediately get hold of you they may well go elsewhere. Make sure you put all your contact details on the email signature including links to your social media pages and blog. This makes it easy for customers to interact with you.
  1. Personalise Your Website: Whatever you’re selling on your website it is simple to make it more personal. An ‘About’ or ‘About Me’ page, ‘Sneak Peaks’ or ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos or photos, a ‘Who’s Who’ diagram or bios, are all things you can add to differentiate your company from your competitors and make it unique. Think about how Boden do their brochures – the models don’t just wear the clothes, you get a description of their favourite dinner or worst day out!t-shirt-pic1

Saw this on the side of a lorry – a memorable quote proving that good service is paramount.

  1. Respond: Pick up the phone straight away when it rings, return emails, reply to comments on your blog and deal with issues or complaints quickly. People remember good customer service and they come back for more.
  1. Social Media: Social media is all about personality – use it to feed your professional development by keeping up with the latest news affecting your industry and interact with others in your profession and customers. Social media allows you to be approachable and express your opinions about issues affecting your customers.

Remember that when you personalise your business it allows your customers to not only buy your product or service but buy a little bit of you too. If you’re seen to be approachable, reliable, responsive and professional, people are more likely to choose your product or service rather than that of your competitors.

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