Do you want to get your company in the press but don’t think you’ve done anything newsworthy?

Here are 5 suggestions to help you create news to put into your press releases and talk to journalists about:

  1. Be Kind
    Many local newspapers are full of individuals or companies doing something positive, whether that’s raising money for charity or helping out in the community. Could you or your employees take part in one of the national charity coffee mornings or enter the local fun run? Or why not create your own special charity event.Alternatively perhaps you produce a product that would benefit a local school or hospice. Why not give a few samples away and highlight your good deed. Or you could give some of your employees a few hours off to help out at a local conservation scheme or other community event. This is a clear WIN WIN, great for your business and for the recipients.
  2. Court A Celebrity
    Send your product to appropriate celebrities and try to get a photograph of them wearing it or using it. Ideally you also need to secure an endorsement from them which you can then use. This may be a deliberate campaign or you may be able to attract their attention if they are attending a local event.Do some research to identify which well known people are most likely to be responsive and positive about your goods or service.  Another way to get a celebrity linked to your company may be to create an award. Several companies who produce products for mothers and babies for instance have awarded ‘Best Celebrity Mum’ trophies.
  3. Carry Out A Survey
    Interesting survey results are often featured in newspapers or as the last items on radio or television news. Relate the survey to your overall market or industry sector so there is a clear link to your business. Make your questions entertaining, consider offering respondents entrance to a prize draw if you want big numbers and try to have a mix of quantitative and qualitative findings.Again you could link this to celebrities. For example if your company produced tea one of your survey questions could ask ‘Which Celebrity Would You Most Like To Have A Cup Of Tea With?’
  4. What’s The Hot Topic?
    Take a look at what else is in the news or the subject of the latest office gossip. The economy is frequently featured for instance, so if you are a financial business why not send your local paper or radio station your analysis or comments on the current situation. They may just be looking for a local expert to interview.Can you find a link to a popular television programme?  Is something that’s happening in a programme storyline something that’s happened to you, your business or one of your employees? If for instance The Apprentice is high in the viewing figures and you’ve just taken on 10 apprentices make the connection and tell your local newspaper about the story behind this.
  5. Celebrate
    Look for something to celebrate. Is it the anniversary of your company start up date? Have you just taken on your 100th employee or raised your 1,000th invoice? Have you or an employee won an industry award or is a long serving employee retiring?Share this good news with your local media. Contrary to popular belief they do publish good news stories too. If appropriate you could also hold an open day at your business or invite the media and potential customers to a celebration event. This could incorporate many of the other news creating aspects such as inviting a celebrity, having a fundraising element or including a competition.

Remember in all of these instances, you will need to have a story to tell. It can not be a pure advert for your company or it will not be published or discussed as a news story. There must be items of common interest and an insight into the lives and personalities of those involved. Is the story inspiring, educational, humorous or surprising? Is there something about it which makes it unique and particularly relevant to the audience of the publication, radio station or television company that you are sending it to?

Susan Brookes-Morris (www.positivepublicity.bizis passionate about raising the profile of individuals and businesses that make a positive difference to our lives. She offers a full range of PR services and works with all forms of media to create news and obtain publicity for her clients.


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