The lovely folks at, sent me a copy of the Frozen DVD to review.

I am really excited about this – I must be the only mum of under 10s that hasn’t seen this movie yet – not because I have denied it to my children, but because their dad took them to the cinema to watch it while I was busy.  So I have missed out on the phenomenon and am very glad to report that I have now caught up on  my failings and I love the movie as much as everybody else does.

I’m not quite sure how Disney managed to pull off such a huge success.  I know there is the whole Girl Power theme which everyone talks about, and “that song”  which has been covered and/or parodied by every vocalist from 9 months to 99 years. So I get why my 11 year old daughter loves this film and I love it too, but what I can’t fathom is why my 9 year old all-action son loves it too?

But who cares – I now hove a tool to buy myself a couple of quiet and peaceful hours over the long wet weekends of Autumn and Winter.  And by heck I will use it !

So Is Frozen on your child’s Christmas list this year?  Where can you get the best value in buying it. is a price tracking website.  They have identified that Asda is the best place to buy the Frozen DVD right now as they have a price promotion on it.

So you can shop with confidence, knowing that you have paid the best price for your Christmas presents.  And instead of wasting time on pointless window shopping you can go and build a snowman with your children…

Sorry, bad joke, but I couldn’t resist…

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