I have been helping Sandra Roycroft-Davis of Thinking Slimmer recently, and one of the things I have helped her with is setting up a focus group to test a new 12 week weight loss programme, which will be launched to the public in June.

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Sandra has run clinical trials on her Slimpod weight loss downloads and the results are very promising.  She will be publishing the full results in June alongside the launch of the 12 week programme.

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The 12 week programme provides a series of Slimpod and Fitpod downloads to listen to, a whole package of other useful information to support weight loss, and a small private support group of people doing the same programme at the same time.  On its own the Slimpod retrains your mind so that you naturally choose smaller portions and healthier food, and you are inspired to move more and look after yourself.  However some people find that they need a little bit of extra support to know what to eat and what to do, and also to reassure themselves that the changes they are feeling are normal.  The 12 week programme provides that support without setting any dietary restrictions or deprivation.

Thinking Slimmer

So as a reward for helping Sandra to set up and moderate her focus group I have been taking part along with the other participants.  I have always been a little bit overweight, but have put on a bit more over the last few months since my mother became ill, and if I want to fit into my summer clothes then I really need to do something about it.

On week 1 of the focus group we have received our Slimpod Drop 2 Dress sizes and we are encouraged to listen to the 10 minute recording once a day whilst relaxing.  the voice on the Slimpods is very relaxing and calming, and I very often fall asleep while I am listening.  This is normal and toally fine.

The second part of the work this week is to print off and read a handbook, to set some goals and to record three positive things that happen each night.

So here are my goals for this 12 week programme:

  1. I will lose at least 1 stone
  2. I will fit into size 14 trousers
  3. I will become fit enough so I can walk fast up the 3 flights of steps to my son’s kickboxing class without feeling out of breath at the top

And here are some of the things that have happened to me this week

  • I have refused pudding while out for a meal with my children
  • I am regularly serving myself with portions the same or smaller than the children’s at home
  • I quite often don’t fancy coffee inthe mornings and have replced it with green tea
  • I drink a glass of water each time I go into the kitchen (instead of reaching for a snack each time)

This is definitely beginning to work for me, and there are quite a few other people on the focus group feeling the same – I can’t share their stories as the group is private.

But I can share this – when I started I cut a piece of red ribbon to the exact size of my waist.  Each week I am going to see how it improves

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