Mornings in our house are total chaos. Am I alone in neglecting myself when so much is going on? This video shows how to get dressed faster in the morning and still look effortlessly stylish – this could be just what I need…

Since my children started secondary school, mornings have become a bit fraught. My husband and both children are out of the house before 7.15, which means that before then, I have had to make lunches for two, breakfasts for the dogs, check school bags, sign notes and basically make sure that everyone gets up, washes, and leaves the house at the right time, wearing and carrying the right stuff.

Somewhere along the line I have to get dressed myself, as I always drop my daughter to the station and twice a week I drive my son and his friends to school.  But I will freely admit, as I come home to my little work at home pod, that sometimes the clothes that I wear each day are the last of my priorities – I definitely tend to go with comfort over style. I need to work out how to get dressed faster in the morning, without looking like a sack of potatoes most days.

When I saw this helpful video, produced by Safestore, with a little bit of help from Melanie Wall at Styled by Mel  about how to get dressed, I was mildly offended at first – but then I honestly thought, maybe there is something in here for me?  Maybe I have let the chaos take over and a bit of planning might just work?

Have a look yourself and let me know in the comments if you have any big Aha moments!



Here is a short summary of the tips from the video.

Plan your daily outfits

We plan for other aspects of our lives all the time, so why not what we’re going to wear each day of the week?  Take, for example, the weekly food shop. We decide what we’re going to eat for the week, write a list and go buy it. The approach to planning your outfits needn’t be that different and unlike your food shop, you’ve already got the ingredients sitting in your wardrobe!  So put aside 30 minutes on a Sunday evening to spend some quality time with your wardrobe and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

How to get dressed

How to get dressed faster in the morning? Planning is key

If you like the sound of option two, follow these simple steps and you’ll be a cool, calm and sophisticated business professional / yummy mummy in no time at all.

Step 1

Think about what your week involves per day – this will help you to choose clothes on a practical level. For example, Thursdays are hectic and require a lot of moving around.  The kids need dropping off at breakfast club and you’ve got an early meeting, so time is of the essence and you don’t have time to totter around in heels.  Therefore you could opt for:

  • Flat, comfy shoes
  • A lightweight top so that you don’t overheat
  • A tailored pair of trousers to keep the look smart

How to get dressed faster in the morning
Step 2

Go through each day in exactly the same way and pull out the clothes suited to your schedule, laying them on your bed and teaming the main items (top/trousers/skirts etc.) with matching accessories.

Step 3

Try on each outfit to make sure it works and that you like it – if you skip this step now, you run the risk of finding out it looks awful two seconds before you need to leave the house, or worse still, in the mirror at work!

How to get dressed faster in the morning
Step 4

Finally, take a picture of each outfit on your phone.  Each photo will act as a daily reminder of what you’re going to put on.  Just lay the clothes out on the bed and take a quick snap. That’s it!


5 Bonus Tips!

Because we believe looking tip-top is a crucial part of a stress free week, here are 5 more tips to help you plan your weekly outfits…

1. Don’t let a commute or the school run dictate your outfit choices.

You may opt for a pair of trainers if you’re walking in all weathers but you can pop your snazzy heels into your bag to change into once you’re in the office.

2. Space out outfits that use the same item of clothing.

If you only have one black jumper that you’d like to wear twice in a week, wear it with a few days either side i.e. Monday and Thursday, just in case you need to wash the jumper between each wear.

3. Maybe you want to wear the same outfit twice in a week?

No matter, just wear it at opposite ends of the week or disguise the same outfit by adding a scarf.

  1. Make your clothes work harder for you!

Try and get as much wear out of all the clothes you own and mix things up a bit.  Remember that really nice suit that you only save for important meetings?  Wear the skirt and jacket as separates and create some different outfits.  Just remember to dry clean them both at the same time to keep the colour matching.

  1. Transform your outfit from day to night

If you’re going out straight from work and have little time to get changed, think about how you can easily transform your current outfit with minimum fuss. Often it’s as simple as adding accessories like a stand-out clutch bag and a pair of heels. Another good trick is wearing jeans under a dress – a nice daytime look and by simply whipping off your jeans you’re ready for whatever the night may bring!


By the end of your weekly one-to-one with your wardrobe, you will know exactly what you’re putting on every morning of the week – and it’s a good feeling.  Don’t fancy doing it every week, though? Just go through your photos and wear it all again the following week with a few minor accessory swaps and no one will be any the wiser.


So what do you think of this method?  Genius, or too much like hassle? I might give it a try for one week and see how I feel – what about you? Do you have any more advice for how to get dressed faster in the morning? I’d love to hear your tips – I need all the help I can get.

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