Here is another post from my resident PR guru Julie Sherwood of Get in the Press.  Today she is talking about ways to generate PR when you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend

Julie Sherwood - PR on a budget


“I run a small business and have a very limited budget for marketing.  I’m struggling to get my business ‘out there’ and I desperately need some budget friendly ideas to boost the PR of my business.  Help!”
You’re not alone.  PR is often a ‘chicken and egg’ situation, you need to promote your business but don’t have the money to do it, but you need the money from your customers.  Arrrgh.  Don’t fret.   Here’s some practical ideas you can start doing today:
  1. Enter an award.   
    OK, so it doesn’t have an immediate effect but it will spur you on and when you win, or become a runner up, that will be a great PR opportunity to shout about and have details on your website.  There’s an award for everything – best regional business, baking, crafting, – get searching and enter.
  2. Put a competition prize together and offer it to the relevant press
    It could be a prize bundle of your service, products or both.   Contact your relevant newspaper and ask them to run a competition and in return you’ll receive some lovely press coverage.  The papers often ask for a minimum prize value so if you can’t stretch to this see if you can double up with a colleague and both benefit.
  3. Offer advice
    Can you write an advice column (like this one) in your local paper or trade magazine?  Can your advice be in return for some free coverage.  Give it a go.
Check out my blog for more practical ideas to manage your own PR on a budget.
Julie Sherwood
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